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1920s Hair and clothing trends

the clothing and hair styles for men and women of the 1920s

JD Fletcher

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of 1920s Hair and clothing trends

1920s Jazz age Fashion Men Fashion in the 1920s .Cloche Hats
.Flapper Dresses
.High Heeled Shoes
.Complex Jewelry
.Suits and Sportswear Clothing By: Alex, J.D Nichole and Saagar Hairstyles Sources Jazz Research!!! Stylistic trends for men and women Men vs Women .Finger waves Were One of the Most Popular
Vintage Hairstyles of the 1920s Another Main Hairstyle for women was the Bob. The bob hairstyle was versatile and suited many different types of women

Athletes embraced fashion
Polo Coats
Leather Jackets
The Suit
Wanted a look that was youthful and Athletic
Gangster Suits-Loafers, Suede shoes, canvas leather sandals, creep souls
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.Before the 1920's, it was considered very sleek and beautiful to have long hair.
.At the start of the 1920's is when women started to view short hair as the new beautiful and considered it a very polished look!

.wore flapper dresses to fit their body shapes
.showed more skin than the previous generations.
.Make up became more popular Women's trends! .women started to become more interested in learning
.they became educated
.went to schools
.wanted to be considered as "equal" as men School Men's Trends Fashion trends

.Sacque Suits
.tail coats
.lace-up shoes
.two-stone shoes that are either black, white or tan
.black patent leather shoes
.plain white shorts and yokes
.tweed Gangster Slang

.That they were very tough
.always went out to parties
.often smoked
.used slang
.gold diggers
.juice joints Finger Wave The Bob GOLF- Knickerbockers, Caps, Both Genders, Wealthy, Popular, Pattern Sweaters

Sport Star's influenced fashion more than movie stars

Women wore long dresses, and wanted to look thin
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