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Indy Pulse

No description

Lauren Hall

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Indy Pulse

Indy Pulse will...
Our mission
Indy Pulse provides the time, space, resources, and inspiration to promote positive change through spoken word.
our tech-connect
study, create, and refine spoken word for the purposes of community, competition, and positive change!
event descriptions
we are PULSE
...because we know it's possible...
Lauren Hall Daniel Harting Tony DelaRosa Camea Davis
our present and future community:
Morrell (2005) suggests that English teachers become activists in a shift towards critical English education, that demands a change in curricular content of secondary English classrooms, as well as a change in focus in literacy pedagogy, textual consumption and textual production...Performance poetry involves “listening” and “hearing” to understand, and is an important way of building community.
"Culturally relevant pedagogy and critical literacy in diverse English classrooms"
Anne Lopez
"There is a growing gap between the levels of literacy learned in schools and the types of literacy skills demanded in an information age (Alvermann, 2001). This literacy gap, seen particularly in urban schools, carries serious social and economic consequences. We are calling for urban educators to be vigilant activists and advocates for their students.

There is a need for educators who continue to practice with vision, wit, creativity, courage, and imagination, in an era of standardized tests and teacher-proof curricula. More than ever, the times require educational leaders who have the conviction to resist structural restraints that pressure them into homogenized state and national curricula.

Critical, postmodern educators should look first to their students to understand how they make sense of the world before deciding what is best for these young people. These new-century educators must see themselves as agents of educational change, able to combine academic content knowledge with a commitment to social justice."
Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade
Ernest Morrell
"Turn Up That Radio, Teacher: Popular Cultural Pedagogy in New Century"
How will you add your beat to this pulse?!
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