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Intro to Sociology- Social Interaction

No description

Tricia Crawford

on 12 February 2017

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Transcript of Intro to Sociology- Social Interaction

Intro to Sociology- Society and Social Interaction
Society- a group of people who live in a defined community and share the same culture
How do you define "community"?
Structural Functional- Emile Durkheim
collective conscience and social integration

mechanical solidarity- tradition
organic solidarity- current

anomie- "without law"
Social Conflict- Karl Marx
Capitalism vs. Socialism

Bourgeoisie- owners
Proletariat- workers

Symbolic Interactionism- Max Weber
Rationalization- logic and efficiency

Iron cages- trapped by institutions and bureaucracy

The Protestant Work Ethic
Status- who we are
Roles- how we act
How many ways have you interacted with others so far today?

Do you personally know all of them?

How has our culture changed regarding interactions?
Role set
Status set
Presentation of Self
Impression Management
Looking Glass Self
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