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Arizona Snapshot Day

No description

Dorothy Hemmo

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Arizona Snapshot Day

Arizona libraries make a
big difference every day.
There are over 200 public, school, academic
and special libraries in Arizona.
On just one day
3,100 Arizona children attended a library program
22,500 children’s books, videos and more circulated
400 teens attended a library program
On just one day
Black Canyon City Community Library patron
On just one day
Library computers were used 20,045 times
"This is great that I can take computer classes and be able to look for jobs. I don't have a computer at home and everything you had to do for a job is on computers. I really need this help."
Woods Memorial Library patron
1,970 people learned computer skills
46 job seekers were helped
On just one day
4,700 reference questions were answered
5,370 people were issued library cards
We asked our patrons
what they thought of their library.
"The library is essential to the community in so many ways"
Myrtle Kraft Library (Portal, AZ)
"I love the library! It is one of my favorite places in the
world. I meet with friends and read books."
Ayea Strange, Hereford, AZ
"During our sixteen plus years in the area they have been an invaluable resource. My family has reaped the benefit of the many program available to us."
Luke Air Force Base Library patron
"It's wonderful to have a mobile library program come to town. My son looks forward to going to the Fun Van each week. He loves the books, songs, crafts, and goodies. Thank you for helping my son develop a love for literacy!
Apache Junction library patron
On just one day
Over 700 students learned research skills
Libraries are about
Arizona State University patron
Arizona libraries support
Early literacy
K-12 schools
Higher education
The library serves as the center of my scholastic activities. Without it and the services it offers there is no way I would be succeeding in my schooling.
Snapshot Day, January 24, 2012
One day in the life of Arizona's libraries
Libraries serve our communities
And our communities support us
For your support of Arizona libraries
On just one day
Libraries are about
Thank you
Patron of Somerton Library
“Me parece una gran oportunidad pertenecer y ser miembro de la biblioteca, porque tengo acceso a muchas formas educativas. Se los agradezco. Gracias!”
"I think it is a great opportunity to belong and be a member of the library, because I have access to many forms of education. Thank you. Thank you! "
"This is a place for learning"
AZ Snapshot
Day Committee
Dorothy Hemmo
Azul Gómez
Monica Farmer
A Day in the life of a Public Librarian
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