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No description

Mr. Parke

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Mars-one

How many

There will be 24 people on this mission to Mars, but they will send 6 groups of 4
The problem is that the return to earth

is to expensive, so you will need to build bigger and better rockets.
Thanks for listening
What is mars one
We would like to go to mars but we would like to come back in one to two years unlike Mars-One, because we would miss the Browns win the super bowl, but some people wouldn't, they would miss there generic cereal like there mini spooners . Never live on mars.
David ,Nate, Truman, and Nick
The one way trip to mars
Mars-One is a group with a mission to establish a permanent human settlement on mars in one trip.
The solution
They are going on a one way trip so they will not be coming back
The problem
Have any questions?
Google it!
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