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Portfolio 0

No description

Oscar Navarro Bartolomé

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Portfolio 0

A R C H I T E C T U R E + D E S I G N P O R T F O L I O
2008 - 2010 International Executive MBA.
BES La Salle. Barcelona (Spain).
1997 - 2003 Bachelor of Architecture.
SEK University. Segovia (Spain).
Thesis: Cultural centre and music school (Ranked 1st of graduating class).

email: onavarro@coac.net

2002 Technology in the construction of buildings.
S.E.K. University Segovia (Spain).
2002 Energy saving on air conditioning.
S.E.K. University Segovia (Spain).
Spanish: Native.
English: Intermediate.
German: Elementary.
Windows, Mac OSX, MsOffice (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Autocad, Revit, Prezi, Sketch Up, Presto, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw.
Driving license, available to travel & to change residential place …
First prize: 106 social housing units, commercial area and parking, Madrid-Spain (2002).
Publication: “12 Concursos de Arquitectura (Volumen III)”, Madrid City Hall.
First prize: Yacht club and sailing school, Girona-Spain (2003).
Accesit: 75 youth housing units, 75 shettered housing units and kindergarten, Barcelona-Spain (2004).
Award: Industrial building, Madrid-Spain (2005).
First prize: Underground parking and urban square, Barcelona-Spain (2008).
First prize: 29 social housing units and parking, Barcelona-Spain (2009).
First prize: 32 housing units and parking, Barcelona-Spain (2010).
The building is projected as a solid construction only interrupted by a two-level gap that visually connects the green areas from the inside and out. This element also provides an elevated open space with views to the city and it benefits the green area with enhances lighting and sky views. The open gap can be conceived as a leisure area and a point of contact for all residents.
CONCEPTUAL IDEA. The main concept of this proposal blends in with current typology of the area (high-rise residential buildings). The entire main floor is intended to be occupied by services of public access while the first floor, with a pool and a recreational area included, is reserved exclusively for the community as a point of recreation and socialization.
Communication skills (ability to listen, to expose ideas with clarity and ask key questions).
Flexibility and adaptability to change (open-mind).
Ability to work in a team (empathy).
High capacity for organization and planning (allocation of tasks and resources and time management).
Ability to reassess priorities and task schedules in order to achieve goals.
Continuous search for training to broaden knowledge in organizations.
Applicable knowledge of techniques to guarantee ecologically sustainable designs as well as an adequate protection of the environment.
Creative capacity applied to design and building processes.
Ability to reconcile divergent factors, integrate knowledge and apply techniques in the creation of a design solution.
Use of artistic skills (manuals and computer) to develop, define and communicate a design proposal.
Capacity to understand architecture as a multi-discipline related field.
Ability to easily think in 3D.
2004 – Present Estudi Art de Barcelona, S.L. I www.estudiart.com. Architectural international office with more than 30 years of experience in the field of building and landscaping. Main clients include investors, builders and public administration offices.
Main tasks:
Leading and guiding the process of internationalization in countries such as Russia, Brazil, India and Colombia.
Managing the office; management and development of projects from preliminary drafts until the end of work. 3 to 5 direct reports.
Supervising all work outcome coming from own firm as well as outsourced partners.
Maximizing resources by defining and assigning roles, tasks and duties to the team.
Implementing improvements in production processes based on field´s best practices.
Planning, controlling and executing construction works.
Managing the customer portfolio. Direct contact with customers, suppliers, public offices, and external partners.
Assisting clients with technical advice and applicable regulations.
Implementing criteria on sustainability and energy efficiency.
A wild and bared environment of the city provides the proper framework to accommodate the building that enhances its natural and scenic character that's why the construction is designed with natural material to improve the landscape.

Due to the slope of the site an open space is generated on the deck where the main entrance of the building is located and at the same time can be used by the pedestrians as a square whose views are sumptuous because of the different volumes.
CONCEPTUAL IDEA. The proposal is located in the mountains of Madrid. The main idea expresses a new way of linking the city with its environment hence a new way that connects the city center with its topography.

The rough orography has forced existing structures to adapt to its geography. We focused on the project by following formal and functional premises from a mountain setting and the magnificent views.

Starting from the abstract idea of stone elements deposited by gravity at the foot of the mountain, the importance of the activities is reflected in the size and layout of the different volumes.
An architect with more than ten years of experience in the fields of architecture and landscaping. My main focus of work has been the residential sector in several countries (Spain, Colombia and Russia).
For the past six years I have managed and led a professional office in Barcelona highly committed with the concept of architecture and focused on the high standards of the Barcelona brand.
This experience has allowed me to develop my professional skills in a very competitive environment. I have also expanded my formal education obtaining an executive MBA degree. My professional duties combined with my business based formal education have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in managing and leading teams.
2003 – 2004 Argepro, S.A. I www.argepro.com. Architectural office focused on the development of projects, especially in the field of social housing.
Main tasks:
Collaborating in the management and development of various projects.
Supporting other departments (management, administration, technical architecture and engineering).
Controlling processes related to construction phase.
2002 – 2003 Arango Arquitectos Asociados, S.L. I www.arango-arquitectos.com. Award winning architectural office recognized at a national level for the uniqueness of their projects
Main tasks:
Collaborating in the development of projects.
Preparing and documenting work executed in the office.
Polinyà (Barcelona): 32 housing units and parking
CONCEPTUAL IDEA. The functional program consists of 2 buildings with 16 housing units in each, distributed over four levels, and a basement for parking. Main focus is to fit 4 apartments into a square area.
The main building connects with the street thru a combined access for both pedestrians and vehicles. This combined access reaches the central core (vertical axis) and allows for a well-defined implementation of the plant within site.
From a square of 4.50 x4,50m where the vertical axis of communication is located, we lay out 4 rectangular shaped apartments of 12.6 x8,10m (golden ratio). On the other hand, kitchens and bathrooms are concentrated in another square confining to the vertical axis.
apartments (bedrooms)
schematic plan
conceptual idea
Barcelona: 75 youth housing units, 75 shettered housing units and kindergarten
Madrid: 106 social housing units, commercial area and parking
The architectural design should be a reflection of the activity carried out by the firm. As a result, the innovation and technology are the main concepts designed on this particular project.

The new façade entails the construction of a double-skin maintaining the existing wall as inner layer and adding another one of screenprinted glass with varying degrees of density allowing control over the lighting and the views.
CONCEPTUAL IDEA. The environment is the main premise in the conception of the building, so the location is key to build the final image as a landmark. Therefore, the abstraction of an iceberg is the main idea, where the upper levels of the main building simulate ice with screenprinted glazings in white and the metal cladding used for the rest of modules, enhance the idea of lightness and floating element.
Vladimir (Russia): Office building renovation
The residential units are distributed into 2 10 floor-high lineal buildings that rest on top of the recreation floor. Both buildings form a right angle that allows for a visually free space on the street level facing south. The layout of the reduced-size apartments is divided into two parallel lines: living-room and bedroom on the façade side facing south and utility areas (kitchen and bathroom) running across facing north.
CONCEPTUAL IDEA. The layout includes 5 levels above ground and 3 levels underground occupying the totality of the corner site. This particular layout enhances lighting and generates continuous and accessible spaces. The building itself is conceived as a game of volumes displaced from each other depending on the activity that takes place in them.
Madrid: Industrial building
The first floor and second floors are a clearly shaped prism in supervision over the main level and to the site limits. The prism is meant to host office space on both levels. The module that hosts the third floor is suspended over the inner courtyard. The fourth floor is the construction crowing element and it is meant to host office space for top management that stands out for its shape and the material used.
The placement of the construction within the site helps accentuate the sense of limit with the urban surrounding only disrupted by the visual gap.
Housing units are grouped in pairs for each vertical access. They all have double façade (north/south) which facilitates the best ventilation and lighting conditions. The bedrooms (night area) face the inside green space and the living-room and kitchen (day area) are facing the street.
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