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North Area Prayer Meeting

No description

Mark Sinclair

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of North Area Prayer Meeting

Mark & Shirley Sinclair
North Area Prayer Meeting,
8 February 2017
Serving in Cambodia:

the Sinclairs

OMF Cambodia
In Cambodia 1973-5, 1993-date
Growing team: now 80 adults (plus 50 children); 20 nationalities
Both church work and development work, but overall focus is on evangelism & discipleship
The Sinclairs
Lisa is a Content Manager in Humanities at Cambridge University Press, in Cambridge (!)
Martin is in the third year of a five-year medical degree at St George's College, London in Tooting
Lisa & Martin
Mark & Shirley have been with OMF International since 2001.

They have served nine and a half years of that in Cambodia, with the rest in the UK in various roles.

They are now back on Home Assignment since August 2016, returning to Cambodia again in mid March 2017
Member Care Coordinator
Digital Forensics
Personnel Manager
Counselling & Supervision
of the


Prayer Points
Good transition, leaving South Shields and re-entering Cambodia, including setting up home
Settling back into our work in Cambodia, both within the team & secondments
Smooth visa process (via NPIC)
Shirley's supervision training course at Derby University: ongoing study (mod 1, May-Aug)
Mark's family in South Shields
Lisa & Martin (left behind, again!)
Teaching the Network Class
A Change of Direction
Walking with Sochea

Serving in Cambodia:

University Teaching
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