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Presentation English

reina ysabelle

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of twilight

"When you can live forever, what do you live for?" Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn Summary: Summary: Breaking Dawn The Twilight Saga Characters: Edward Cullen Bella Swan Jacob Black Summary: The Cullen Family VS. Victoria, James and Laurent (Edward Anthony Masen Cullen) Born June 20, 1901 17 years old Read minds Elizabeth and Edward Masen Vampire Family Carlisle and Esme Cullen Jasper and Alice Emmett and Rosalie (Isabella Marie Swan) Renee and Charlie Swan Live in Forks Falls in love with a vampire Charlie Swan Summary: Part 1 Part 2 Renee Swan Human Werewolf Billy Black Lives in La Push Quileute Tribe of Native Americans The Uley Pack ( Sam's Pack) Paul Lahote, Jared Cameron and Embry Call Year 2009 THE VOLTURI Largest and most powerful coven of vampires They decides the rules! One of the highest ranked guards ALEC Most powerful offensive weapons Ability: to numb the senses of his target Introducing main characters Both falling in love Year 2008 CAIUS Second ancient leader of Volturi Most ruthless of the three Don't have a special power MARCUS One of the ancient three leader Ability: Relationship Identification JANE High-ranked guard Most powerful offensive weapon Ability: Pain Illusion ARO Third Leader of the Volturi (Overall Leader) Ability: read all the memories or thoughts Edward and Bella were madly in love with each other
For the sake of Bella
Bella Heartbroken
Developing into becoming a werewolf
Bella's vision of Edward
Rescue Edward!!
Edward instead of Jacob Year 2010 Quil Ateara Leah Clearwater Emily Young Paul Embry Sam Jared Riley Bires First vampire created by Victoria Made an army FELIX Member of the Volturi guard Strong DEMETRI Member of the Volturi guards Ability: Tracking senses DENALI COVEN BOOKS: They cross ways with James' Coven. Childhood friend Jacob. Bella moving with her father in Forks. Bella heard about The Cullen Family. Biology class Capacity to hate Choice between Edward and Jacob
Victoria still after Bella
Team of werewolves and vampires
Having newborn vampires Army
Bella and Edward Getting married
Isle Esme
Bella got pregnant
Blood is what the baby wants
Bella giving birth
Bella's heartbeat stopped
Bella's baby Threat??
Sacred Law Coven of vegetarian vampires
Lives in Denali, Alaska
Cullen family as their extended family TANYA Leader of the coven Capable fighter KATE One of the original Denali sisters Ability: Electrical shock Eleazar Originally one of the Volturi guards Ability Identification CARMEN Eleazar's mate Originally a Volturi guard IRINA Her mate Laurent Also one of the original Denali sisters THE END Do you want to live forever?
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