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University of Arizona Career Services

No description

Sadie Randall

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of University of Arizona Career Services

Intentional Programming
Student advisory board

Campus Career Community
Career Services
Overview of Presentation
Quality Resources and Outreach
Mission and Vision
Campus Career Community
Advisory Board
Intentional Programming
Skills and Competencies
Resources and Outreach
Summary and Questions
Encourage students to engage in AND reflect on:

Volunteer Opportunities
Study Abroad
Part-time Employment
Industry Associations

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be able to:

Understand potential approaches in order to foster a campus career community

Identify 2-3 outreach initiatives and collaborations with strategic partners

Gain an understanding of resources to enhance UA's career community and impact to students
The University of Arizona Career Services empowers all UA students to make fulfilling career choices.
Through partnerships with academic units, student services, employers and the Career Services office, The University of Arizona assures that all students are provided with the opportunity to realize their career potential.
Students are provided the opportunity to have a career plan related to their academic goals

Students are provided the opportunity to have
career experiences prior to graduation

Students are capable of developing
placement alternatives
Building on what has already been established:
Increase career awareness through ambassadors and the Institute for
Career Readiness and Engagement

Collaborate with strategic partners

Connections to employers and engagement opportunities

Quality resources and services to students and maintain
leadership and hub of career development

Preparation for opportunities beyond college

Social Media

Utilize UA Career Services LinkedIn group

Social media for the job search
and industry learning

Career services social media chats

supporting career development
is everybody's job
Skills and Competencies
Focus programs, workshops, and services

Utilize assessments and reflection to guide conversations

Continue with programs that combine leadership
and career development

Tracking program
Advisory Board
To gain a deep understanding of the college, industry trends, and maintain employer and campus partnerships in order to best serve students' career development needs.

Academic Advisors,
College Administrators,
Internship Coordinators,
and Students
Constituents come together
to provide best service to students
Focus on skills for workshops and programs
Utilize strategic partners
Meet students and stakeholders where they are

Group-based advising and meet-ups to maximize resources

Flexibility in place and educational design

Academic Community
Campus and Community Partners
New employers to campus and increase employer engagement
and outreach:


Institute for Career Readiness and Engagement and Industry Treks

Employer Day

Maintain and find new experiential learning and job opportunities

Online content, such as webinars to serve off-campus populations, commuter, and online students

Online assessments and new technology-based services

Virtual interviews and coaching appointments

Industry professional associations

Industry specific student organizations

Cross-campus collaborations

Focus groups

Career development courses
and content

For credit internships

Connect employers to academic community

"There's a lot of competition for qualified candidates, but 'qualified' is the key word... This one's going to be very dependent on the skills and competencies that students bring to the table,"
(Gardner, 2015).
Campus and Industry Partners:
Students remain somewhat resistant to the idea of employers communicating with them through social media (NACE, 2015).
Reciprocal support

Maintain contact and relationships

Market events and keep aware of programs

Industry trends

Sharing and learning
Common Themes
Collaborate with Alumni Office
Panels and networking events

Career contacts and mentors
Retention, measure of student success
Continue with successful programs
Learning outcomes and assessment
Career development is a campus and community-wide effort
Meet constituents where they are

low-cost, high touch, high technology, and skills-focused

Reciprocal support

Reach large number of students
through intentional programs and resources
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