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A Cosmopolite In A Cafe By O.Henry


Guillermo Salas

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of A Cosmopolite In A Cafe By O.Henry

A Cosmopolite In A Cafe
By O.Henry This story took place in a cafe. It all started in midnight, when it was crowded with many people. But then everything started when a cosmopolite sat in a vacant chair when barely any of them pass by, instead just travelers. The cosmopolite was named E. Rushmore Coglan, and is heard of from Coney Island. He's been all around the world, and know a lot about the world also. But at the same time, he speaks disrespectful of the equator. But in the end, he was figured out to be someone they didn't expect. “My cosmopolite was named E. Rushmore Coglan, and he will be heard from next summer at Coney Island.” This explains that E. Rushmore Coglan is a cosmopolite that is the main character who goes to a cafe.

"But his opinions never fluttered or drooped; he was as impartial to cities, countries and continents as the winds or gravitation." It shows that E. Rushmore Coglan has different opinions about different parts of the world. A cosmopolite at the right shows what E. Rushmore Coglan would look like.
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