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Water Is Life

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Shizza Malik

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Water Is Life

Water is a basic need for all living things. It is so important to us and we cant live without it. Water is made up of just three tiny atoms - 2 of hydrogen and one of oxygen, this is why water is also called H2O. In its smallest form water is remarkably simple, just three tiny atoms. Yet there exists on Earth an incredibly complex web of life, all dependent on this one incredible molecule.
Water is very important for all forms of life. Without water life cannot exist. Humans need water to carry out nutrients in their body. Water helps plants and humans grow and live. Water also helps cure lots of diseases and sicknesses. A majority of the mass in our body is water and the same for most living things. Water is the most abundant compound on the Earth's surface, covering roughly 70% of the planet's exterior making it a major component of all environments that support life.
How do Humans Show their Disrespect for Water?
Water is such an important thing for humans and we cant live without it, yet still we don't respect it. We are very fortunate to live in a society where we just have to walk to the sink and get as much water as we want, but what about those people who have to walk miles and miles just to get a little bit of it? As people who live in a society where we can get water in less than 30 seconds, we know the importance of water, but we don't
respect it.
Water Is Life
It is the Basis of all Life,
Yet We Fail to Respect It
" As children of a culture born in a water-rich environment, we have never really learned how important water is to us. We understand it, But we do not respect it."
- William Ashworth
What are the properties
of water that allow it to
sustain life?
In what ways is water the basis of all life?
One of the properties of water that allow it to sustain life is that it is the only natural substance found as a solid, liquid and gas at the temperatures that naturally occur on Earth. We see water as a liquid, (lakes,oceans,rivers) as a solid (ice,snow) and as a gas (clouds or steam) . If we didn't have the three states of water snow and ice may not have existed and thousands of species would be homeless and would it still rain?
This means that most substances can dissolve in water. Water is also referred to as the "universal solvent". This is because water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. When water is mixed with substances like salt, it dissolves because the atoms in the salt are over come by the stronger atoms in water.
Our Disrespect For

Polluting water sources
Throw garbage in oceans,lakes and rivers, making the water dirty
Factories produce lots of garbage and then sometimes carelessly dump it into the water
Smoke from factories release chemicals that come back as acid rain
We don't use it properly an we don't take care of it. We use more of it then we need.
Wasting water - taking long showers, not turning the tap of while tooth brushing, keeping on taps while not using them
We do not understand the importance of water, and how lots of people die everyday, in developing countries because of lack of water
... These are just some of the ways that we show our disrespect for water. If we continue this we will eventually run out of water!
Here is how you can help
The Three States Of Water
Water has the ability to sustain life, here are the properties of water that allow it to sustain life;
solvency - dissolve other substances
adhesion - cling to another substance
cohesion - stick to molecules of the same substance
-The human body is nearly 70% water
-Between 65 to 75% of the Earths surface is water
Adhesion is when water molecules can cling to the molecules of another substance. Adhesion works with cohesion to make it stick to other surfaces and substances. For example if you spill a glass of water, you wipe it with a paper towel. How does the water stick to the paper towel? This is called adhesion.
Cohesion is when water sticks to water. Basically cohesion is the same thing as adhesion but cohesion is when water molecules stick together to make a larger body of water. So for example, if you have a glass of water and you put more water in it will you be able to tell which water molecules you just put in and which were there before? This is cohesion.







Here is what water does to keep our bodies going:
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