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Lauren Glenn's Prezume 2013

An interactive resume

Lauren Glenn

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Lauren Glenn's Prezume 2013

Lauren Newton Glenn's
(352) 256-9912
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Ph.D., University of Florida
M.A., Texas A&M Commerce 2007
B.A., University of Maryland 2003
English, Film and Media Studies
English, Literature and Film
English, American Literature
Teaching Experience:
ENG 1131:
Writing Through Media
ENG 2300:
Film Analysis

(5 semesters)
ENG 3115:
Film Theory and Criticism
(for Film Majors)
ENG 3310:
Advanced Composition (
for English Majors)
C 3254:
Professional Communication
nline professional writing course)
ENG 1001:
Modes of Inquiry
medial composition course)
ENC 1102:
Argument and Persuasion
st year composition, 2 semesters)
University of Florida
Texas A&M Commerce
ENGL 102:
Introduction to Writing
(First Year Composition) ENGL 100:
Developmental Composition
ENGL 101:
College Reading and Writing

ENGL 102:
Introduction to Writing
Harker Heights High School
English I
Head Swimming Coach
Director, Middle School Swimming for KISD
All of my teaching evaluations are public domain. Here are just a few things my students have said...
She's wonderful! She knows a lot about film, and it is evident through her teaching style. She is very particular about grammar, but this actually helped me to become better with commas and rules in general. I recommended her class to all my friends.
She is so open minded that she never shuts a student’s ideas down. She pushes students to dig deeper into why they feel they were led to their initial reactions. I loved both of the books chosen. Fat Wednesday is a piece that I never would have picked out on my own, but once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Along with the pieces chosen for the coursepack, it leads one to realize that there are multiple aspects not only for film, but for life in general. There is truly not anything I could think of that would improve this course.
She was very reasonable, yet she had high expectations of us. She was very easy to talk to and didn't talk down to us, which made me learn more. She also held a lot of in-class discussions, which was very helpful, especially for writing our papers.
Lauren Glenn gave great examples of writing styles, and was very creative and interesting when explaining different rules, techniques, concepts, etc. The YouTube movie, music video, and commercial clips were wonderful for illustrating how we were supposed to write. Our class discussions and activities were always on point, interesting, and helpful. I am recommending it to my friends! It was the perfect amount of writing and reading to learn the concepts. The extra online readings were very entertaining and helpful in illustrating her points. The style and grammar books were also very helpful. Also, I learned a lot from revising my work. I appreciate the opportunities given to revise and return the papers.
I liked the use of the projector throughout the class. Even though the class is about writing, the use of visual aids helped me to see just how visual writing can and should be. [...] I thought this was an amazing class. It’s a class that challenged my thought process and how I organized it for others to understand. I see more value in writing now, and I think this is a course many students need to take.
You were always very encouraging when people participated in class. There were a lot of “awesomes” used by you to describe students’ answers to questions. It seemed to make people feel more comfortable responding. Oh, not being an old, crotchety, and mean teacher helps. You could relate well to the students, which is always a plus. It was the most fun writing class I’ve taken at UF.
Overall, thank you for a great semester and being such a great teacher. Coming into this semester English was my least favorite subject, but you were able to make it my favorite class for the semester.
Lauren’s engaging teaching style allowed students to contribute more to the learning atmosphere. Lauren knew her material and was able to be effective in delivering information to students. I learned the most in her course about how to improve my writing style. I am thankful. Highly recommended for anyone with a desire to improve their writing and communication skills.
Allowing students to revise papers gives the incentive to actually see what we did wrong and learn how to correct it. Thank you for teaching me that simplicity does not mean unintelligent. I am grateful for the confidence you helped me build in my writing.
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New Media I've used in the classroom:
Final Cut Pro
17 Graduate Teaching Instructors were chosen out of 3,500 graduate T.A.'s at UF
The selection process involved
nominations from individual departments,
multiple surprise evaluations from award-winning professors in various fields over the course of a year, and
a package submitted by each instructor's dissertation committee and department head.
Teacher of the Year,
Harker Heights High School
English Department Teaching Award,
University of Florida 2009-2010
University of Florida Graduate Teaching Award
I've spent all this time bragging on myself, but the truth is...
I've lost my retainer in the trash, too.
I'm human
Regardless, I can't wait to become a part of your team at
I'm looking forward to our interview.

If you have any questions, please contact me at
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