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LPH 105 W15 2.6-8

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 2.6-8

Chapter 2

Another method that I find helpful, and
easier to remember:

3D be SNUB

A. Draw, Describe, Define
B. Basic Equations
C. Solve
D. Number
E. Units
F. Ballpark
Nice start
A stone is dropped from the top of cliff. It is seen to hit the ground below after 3.55 s. How high is the cliff?
Key in A if you are done
B if you need time
C if still lost (RAISE YOUR HAND)
Neglecting air resistance, how long does it take to drop a penny off the Empire state building? (380 m)
61.8 m
8.8 s
A ball is thrown with an initial speed of 34 m/s straight up.
a) how fast is it moving at a height of 45 m
b) how long does it take to get to this point
c) what is the max height it reaches
d) what is the total time in the air
17 m/s
1.8 s & 5.2 s
59 m
6.9 s
What is the Acceleration during the segment labeled:

If the initial position is 2.5 m, where is the object at the time of 6 s?
Velocity at t=8 s ?
"Having a difficult time figuring out what equation to use"
"The graphs confuse me. Are we supposed to memorize the equations and the graphs that go with them?"
"I'm still not sure how to plug in the different variable for the different equations. I need more practice."
"I don't really see the use of the Tangent "
A done
B time
C if still lost (RAISE YOUR HAND)
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