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Peter Sabath

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of The Lottery OLD VERSION

Village Simulation: As you enter the classroom, you will take a piece of paper from a jar. Your paper will have a family name on it. Find the other individuals in your family and sit with them. You will sit with your family today when we read the short story. Introduce yourselves to each other and get to know your family! Decide who is mama, papa, son, and daughter...

Title title of the story we'll read today is The Lottery. Screen the scene from The Hunger Games in which characters get randomly selected at the reaping to be fighters in the games and face near certain death.

Question: How is this scene like a lottery? How would you feel if you were one of the two individuals selected to fight in the Hunger Games?

1. Read background on Shirley Jackson (p. 25)
2. Read short story (pp. 25-34), focusing in on the author's word choice to create tone and mood and pausing in passages/key lines to annotate and close read.

- Focus Question: What is the purpose of the lottery and how do the villagers react to it?

3. Collaborative Discussion (p. 34): At what point did you realize the purpose of the lottery? Why do you think this story was so controversial?
Village Simulation:

STEP 1. Families stand up and introduce themselves.
STEP 2. Family with the black dot on their slips of paper come to the front of the room to receive new slips of paper.
STEP 3. Member with the new black dot must come to the front of the class to be stoned....or at least give us twenty push ups as punishment!

1. Answer study questions 1-8 Analyzing the Text (p. 36)
2. Complete Critical Vocab 1-4 (p. 37)
3. Read pages 37-38 and study for quiz on The Lottery
Film Adaptations
Warm-up/Intro Day 2:

Stoning is part of many cultures. Screen the videos on stoning. (The first one is a parody, the second one a news report, and the third and fourth a trailer/scene from a movie called The Stoning of Soraya M.) What do you learn from these videos about stoning and how do they relate to The Lottery?
Activities Day 2:

1. Check homework study questions and discuss answers.

2. Take selection quiz on iPads using Edmodo. Review answers.

3. Complete Performance Task (p. 36) - Letter to Editor. Type up responses on Edmodo using iPads. See Edmodo for assignment.
Activities: Day 3

In pairs or trios (or individually), using what you learned during our study of The Lottery, research a story about someone who was stoned over the past few decades in any country around the world. POST ON EDMODO BY CLICKING TURN IN UNDER THE ASSIGNMENT. ATTACH LINK AND SUBMIT!

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the name of the individual who was stoned and why did she/he receive this punishment?
2. What country did the stoning take place in?
3. How did the international community respond?
4. How does this story relate to The Lottery and our unit theme of Ourselves and Others?
5. What is your group’s emotional response to the story?
6. How does this story relate to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pp. 9-10) or Towards a Refuge (pp. 11-14) in your Close Reader? (Optional Question)

Your group will use the Educreations app to create your presentation in class, or you can use another other multimedia presentation tool at home to complete it (Prezi, Google Slides, PowerPoint, VoiceThread, Glogster, etc). See Mr. Sabath's model example to help guide your work.
Day 3 Film Adaptation

As your group works on your research, we'll screen a short film adaptation of The Lottery...
Mob Mentality
Grading Rubric:

Students include a minimum of 3-5 slides with voice over from participants or text explaining responses to the questions
25 points

Slide thoroughly answer the above required five questions
25 points

Students include screen shots of or links to the article/news report/website they researched
10 points

Students include multimedia (pictures, graphics, drawings, videos) in presentation to make it visually appealing
25 points

The presentation has been edited for grammar and spelling
15 points


The Dangers of Blindly Following Tradition
The Randomness of Persecution
Belief in Superstitions
Here's a sample story from NPR:

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