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Toys "R" Us

No description

Monica Mendoza

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Toys "R" Us

Who Are We?
"R" Customers
-Parents with children ranging from ages 3-12
"R" Collaborators
-Decrease in sales by 2.63%

-Decrease in cash flow by 18.23%

-Highest revenue during holiday seasons.
"R" Company
-Founded in 1948 by Charles Lazarus
-Currently over 1,500 locations worldwide
-"A kid can be a kid"
-Both Expecting and new mothers
-Increased amount of customers during holiday seasons
"R" Competition
-Major retail stores

-Online retailers

-Brand extension of Baby R Us
-Crayola, Fisher-Price, and Mattel

-Nerf, Lego, and Hot Wheels

-Nintendo, HP, Microsoft, and Sony
Lack of brand loyalty
Consumers look for the best deals
Lack of appeal for current exclusive line

Collaborate with Disney
Reward Trade-In Programs
Collaboration on Personalized line of products
Trade-In Program
The Problem
Lack of Technology integration
Marketing Strategy caters toward kids.
More Traditional Platforms
Create a more interactive app with more features
Advertise on mobile platforms and on more channels
Integrate more software into its app.
Broaden its methods of advertising
Brand Loyalty
"Where a kid can be a kid"
Expanding our Demographic
Expand product inventory to include more electronics and gadgets for young adults.
Brand Loyalty
More advanced and interactive app
Advertise to wider audience
Our Demographic

and Technology
Collaborate with Disney
Reward program (Trade-in)
Targeted Market
Wholesale stores such as: Walmart, Target, and Kmart
Online retailers like Amazon
Expand targeted customer to include young adults
Carry more electronics and gadgets used by young adults.
Create easy accessible applications and online programs
Carry products that cater to the young adult generation.
Create a more complex online store to help compete with online retailers.
Create software applications that make shopping easier.
Modify Online store and create software applications to help compete against wholesale and online retailers
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