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Automation & Robotics Intro

No description

Richard Jopp

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Automation & Robotics Intro

Welcome to Automation and Robotics
Automation and Robotics
Mr. Jopp
All work in "AR" will be done in class. Weekly schedules are posted on the website at www.mrjopp.com
Automation and Robotics
Mr. Jopp
We use a VEX robotics system to create mechanical devices that perform a variety of functions, including pull toys, windmills, traffic stoplights, elevators, and spinning bridges
Automation and Robotics
Mr. Jopp
Here are some examples of what can be built with the VEX robotics kit.
We will also study Energy and the Environment
Automation and Robotics - Mr Jopp
We will use knowledge of gears, simple machines, and basic computer programming to create mechanisms that perform specific functions
Richard Jopp - Room C-103a

Please feel free to contact me if
you have any questions or concerns.
Mr. Jopp - 328-5923
Automation and Robotics
Students work in groups to make machines that solve various problems
Energy and the Environment
Mr. Jopp
We will be learning about the energy required to keep robots functioning - specifically electricity and heat transfer
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