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Sally (Poem)

No description

Stephanie Xie

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Sally (Poem)

She was a dog-rose kind of girl:
Elusive, scattery as petals;
Scratchy sometimes, tripping you like briars. SALLY Alliteration Metaphor & Simile Imagery
She teased the boys
Turning this way and that, not to be tamed
Or taught any more than the wind.
Even in school the word ‘ought’ had no meaning
For Sally. On dull days
She’d sit quiet as a mole at her desk
Delving in thought. But when the sun called
She was gone, running the blue day down
Till the warm hedgerows prickled the dusk
And moths flickered out. Her mother scolded; Dad
Gave her the hazel switch.
Said her head was stuffed with feathers
And a starling tongue. But they couldn’t take the shine out of her;
Even when it rained
You felt the sun saved under her skin. She’d a way of escape
Laughing at you from the bright end of a tunnel,Leaving you in the dark. Author: Phoebe Hesketh ~She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies' College, but left at the age of 17 to care for her ill mother. She married Aubrey Hesketh, the director of a mill, in 1931 at the age of 22 and they then lived in Rivington, Lancashire. ~During World War II Hesketh worked as woman's page editor of the Bolton Evening News. ~After the War she was a freelance lecturer, poetry teacher and journalist, producing many articles for journals and scripts for the BBC. It is about a girl who refuses to be tamed and controlled by society and is still shining and full of happiness. THANK YOU :) Personification This is a free verse. No rhyme or regular rhythm is found throughout the poem. This is because the poet regards rhymes as artificial, while the girl is natural, energetic and wild, the opposite of anything man-made. "dull days" "sun saved" "scratchy sometimes" "day down" scattery as petals tripping you like briars quiet as a mole "when the sun called" "warm hedgerows prickled the style" Mood and emotions Theme Through describing a "mischievous" and "playful" girl, the mood of the passage is actually serious as the author intends to bring out a message, which is to persuade people not to follow the trend of the society blindly but to have a critical mind and to act righteously line 11-14 use nature to create vivid pictures and ideas
Lung Yat Yi Set 8 (10)
Stephanie Xie Set 8 (11)
Brian Chow Set 8 (9)
Kelvin Chan Set 8 (8) LA PRESENTAION
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