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Jason's Journey To Fame

A biography about Jason Aldean

Alexandra Webb

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Jason's Journey To Fame

Jason's Journey To Fame! Country singer and guitarist Jason Aldean was born in Macon, GA, in 1977. Three years old when his parents divorced. Jason William Aldean He lived with his mother during the school year, and spent his summers with his father in Homestead, FL, where his father helped him learn how to play the guitar. Teen Years For highschool, Jason went to New Windsor; a private school in Macon, Georgia! Played guitar and he sang at his town's talent shows
every year! Musical Influence's Alabama
John Anderson
John Mellencamp
Dwight Yoakam Most important...

his father. Up until he was 17 years old, he wanted to be a baseball player! Jason's favorites? Started playing honky-tonks when he was fourteen years old. His own song "Good To Go" because it describes his life.
Camping with his family.
Spending time with his children. Jason's Life As We Know It. He has two daughters,
Keeley is 6,
Kendyl is 2 Wife, Jessica In Conclusion Jason Aldean is 32 years old. He's married to a beautiful women, named Jessica. & he has two daughters named Keeley & Kendyl. Random Pictures! Jason's Famous Quotes Random Facts Jason Aldean would never leave home without his cell phone and sunglasses. hates dirty dishes in the sink. 6 feet tall "Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted"
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