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mitchell prezi 1

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Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of mitchell prezi 1

By:Mitchell C
where did this horrible time happen
it happened in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Misisippi,Missouri, Florida,Alabama,Georgia,North Caronlina,South Carolina,Tennesee,Virginia,and Kentucky. But, unfortunately, it didn't just happen in the U.S. It happened in Mexico,Canada,Guatamala, Honduras,Brazil,and Peru.There were also some in South America, too.Colombus,Venezeula,and Ecuador, In South America, we have South Africa, Mozambique,Zambia, Angola, Tanzania,Kenya,Ugandah,Ethiopia,Republic of the Conga,Cameroon,Nigeria, Niger,Togo,Ghana,Ivory Coast,Liberia,Sierra Leone,Mali,Senegal, Algeria, and Morroco. Some were in Europe, Spain,France, United Kingdom,Germany,Denmark,The Netherlands,Italy,an Poland,just to name a few.
What Countries Were Slavery-Free?
Because our last slide was so dark, lets lighten up a bit. The states/countries that were slavery free were Greenland, Argentina, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, and Mongolia, just to name a few. There were a lot in the U.S., like California, Oregon, Minnesota,Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio,Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massechucites, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.
Parts Of the Slave Plantation
There were many places that were used at a slave plantations. First, there were the places the slaves worked, the Tobacco Fields, the Tobacco Barn, the stable, the warehouse, the dock, and the kitchen. Then there were the places that the slaves needed, the slave cabins, the kitchen, and the smokehouse. And finally, there were the places that the slave master used, the office, the overseers house, the main house, and the carpenters shop.
Why did Slavery happen
It happened because Colored people were thought as, since they were different, savages and bad. Some people wanted to live in luxury and made them their slaves.
who was associated with plantations?
There were the slaves, planters(the plantation owners), slave masters(who owned the slaves), the Africans who traded European goods for slaves, (new world) americans who made slaves cultivate raw materials, and Europeans who got the raw materials and made them into the goods that they sent to the Africans.
when in time did this happen
Slave plantation prezi
To make it shorter, I'll Just name the
countries that had the most slavery in each state/continent. In the U.S, we have 1st South Carolina, 2nd Mississippi, and 3rd Louisiana.In North America,we have 1st U.S., 2nd Canada, and 3rd Mexico. In South America, we have 1st Brazil, 2nd Colombia, and 3rd Peru.In Africa, we have 1st Nigeria, 2nd Morroco, and 3rd Ghana.In Europe, we have 1st Ukraine, 2nd Belarus, and 3rd Romania. In Asia,we have 1st Russia, 2nd China, and 3rd Cambodia. In Australia, we have only Fiji and the biggest part of Australia. And there is no slavery in Antarctica.
Although we dont know the exact date it started, we do know it was in August, 1619.The exact day it ended was December 6, 1865.
Credits to: Google images, Bing, wikipedia, blogspot.com, brain pop, Geology.com, and bing.
How did slavery happen?
It would take a lot of effort for the planters to go around the country looking for slaves. It would take years to get all the slaves they needed. Even then, it was a very easy escape for the slaves, as the only thing that would carry that many slaves was a horse and cart. So they could just get out of the cart and leave. Hence the Triangular Trade Route. In Africa, Americans took slaves back to their countries( trust me it'll make sense in a second. Americans aren't the evil masterminds I'm cutting the out to be ), then the Americans make those people slaves and work them to make raw materials and then those materials get sent to Europe, where the Europeans make those raw materials into goods like pots which are then sent back to Africa. So, every month the amount of goods the Africans get gets bigger. And the amount of work the Europeans have to do gets bigger. And the amount of slaves the Planter has to manage gets bigger, but the amount of work the slaves have to do gets smaller.
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