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Digital Resume - Dino Hatzigeorgiou, CTDP

Find out more about me!

Dino Hatzigeorgiou

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Digital Resume - Dino Hatzigeorgiou, CTDP

Skills & Certifications
The Professional Life of
Dino Hatzigeorgiou, CTDP
I'm a strategic, innovative learning & development professional with 12+ years of experience in the nonprofit, public and private sectors
Toronto, Ontario
Humber Polytech, Toronto, Canada
Hatzigeorgiou, CTDP
Adelia Candido
Biking, swimming, skiing, scuba diving, sailing
Travel, fitness, learning new things, technology, architecture & design, music, social events
Learning & Development Professional
Teaching/Training Adults Program, 2009-2010
Certificate of Achievement with Honours: Adult Training, Curriculum Development (TNA & ID), Instructional Techniques, Assessment & Evaluation, Teaching/Training Adults with learning disabilities.
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (eq. to BA), 1992-1995
IST College, Athens, Greece
Professional Training
Product Management (2012), Global Competition Law (2012), Project Management (2011), Sales segmentation & techniques (2004), Airline & Cargo Operations (2002), Change Management (2013), JEHSC Certification (2014),
Work Experience
2008 - 2013
Training/Product Manager - Aviation, Leadership & Management Programs
Instructional/learning design, blended learning implementation, mLearning strategy, learner performance improvement, academic & industry partnerships, program/product/project management, portfolio growth , budgeting, vendor management, contracts
2002 - 2008
Supervisor, Airport Operations & Customer Service
Team development, excellent customer service, ground handling/operations supervision, safety, security, operational reliability, SkyTeam business development (KL, DL, OK), B2B & B2C sales, auditing, DGR training
1997 - 2002
Director of Studies & Instructor
Curricular development, budgeting, student placement, instructional design/delivery, marketing, industry partnerships, faculty coaching and development
Product Manager, IATA
Louise Anne Cote
Business Development Manager
Lilian Georgiou
AF/KLM Customer Service Supervisor
Self-sponsored Professional Development
Organizational Analysis, Stanford Univeristy (in progress)
Teacher/Training of Adults Certification, Humber Polytech (2010)
CSTD Annual Conferences in Toronto (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Airline Station Management Course (1998)
Customer Services Course (1997)
Professional Skills for Instructors Course (1996)
Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP)
Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD)
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with a 6-month placement (internship) at Olympic Airways, Athens Intl. Airport
Training Development Manager
2013 - 2015
Technical & EHS training content development, developing & implementing learning development strategy, eLearning, people leadership & development, learning process improvement, change management, contracts, budgeting, vendor management
Instructional System Design Manager
Curriculum design and development in line with AQP instructional design requirements. B737 MAX training program design leverage Simfinity VSIM, A320 Ground School Revamp, design web-Based training, support trainers and evaluate learning effectiveness.
2015 - to date
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