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Olivia Watt


NCCS Jr. High

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Olivia Watt

The Tillamook Tribe History: -The Tillamooks were Salish and Siletz indians. They were (besides Tillamook) called Killamook and Gillamook Indians. The Tillamooks became a group in the 1400s when they had over 2,000 people and they stayed together until 1849 when their number went down to 200. 1.They are skilled basket weavers and are great at making art.

2.Tillamook means "Land of many Waters"

3.In 1805, 2,000 people lived in only 50 houses, then in the 19th century only 200 people lived there.

4. They used canoes and dog sleds for transportation, but they usually walked.

5. They would bind their babies heads while they were nursing and sleeping, until they were 1, so that their heads would be flat (that is why they are called "flatheads" Fun facts: Potlatch: Tribal Ceremonies: The Tillamook women did pretty much what our moms do, they cooked, made clothing for their family (which our moms don't usually do), and cleaned and took care of their home. The women's job was very very important in indian tribes. The little girls helped their moms so that they could learn what it would be like when they grew up. The Tillamook Men Culture: Lifestyle: Women's Journal: The Tillamook Women: The men went hunting most every day for food for their family. They hunted whales, salmon, otters, and elk. They were also in charge of gathering berries and such. If the men had sons they would help them with hunting so that they could learn to be a man. Today while my husband and son are out hunting, I am cooking in the house with my daughter. Honestly, I think women should have the right to do other things besides what we do. Here is what I do every single day. I cook, wash, do many chores, make more food, make some clothes, wash some more, more chores, then make food again! What a long day! I hope tomorrow isn't as bad as this. Day to Day: Day to day, Men of each family go hunting for
food. Women do chores at home, which is a very important job. The children help their parents so they can learn what it will be like when they are older. Diet: ~ Tons of fish
-salmon, seals, otters, whales, and shellfish.
~ Forest Food
-Berries, tundras, rabbit, elk, foxes, and sometimes birds.

Not too often, men got killed by trying to catch a wolf or a bear Art: Tillamooks are very skilled artists:
~ They make baskets, bowls, blankets, clothing and canoes.
~ They were known for making their totem poles.
~ They made their houses out of wood (kinda like a wood cabin) and occasionally put pictures on them.
~ The northwest indians were the only indians to make their houses out of wood. tundra/caribou otter What I learned about the Tillamooks was that they were a loyal group of Indians and they were pretty good at keeping their day organized.

What I found interesting was 1. that the northwest indians were the only ones to make their houses out of wood and 2. That they binded their babies heads so that they would have a flat head when they grew up. Reflection: A potlatch is a party that involves dancing while wearing animal masks, giving gifts t0 friends, being covered with paint and feathers, and sometimes even destroying some of your most valuable possesions.

Cultural Norms:
1. They wear very little clothing.
2. At weddings women wear saris and men wear social attire.
3. They tell lots of stories. ~ Forest Food
-Berries, tundras, rabbit, elk, foxes, and
sometimes birds. Not too often, men got killed by trying to
catch a wolf or a bear. History Tillamook Tribe Today I went to the forest to kill animals for food for my family.
Wow! I see a huge elk. I went and snuck up on it very quietly, but I stepped on a stick that made a noise loud enough for the elk. I kept trying. I walked for a while until I saw a few rabbits. With my spear I stabbed two rabbits, the rest got away. Now I have food for my family that my wife will cook up. Men's Journal: Girl:
Today I helped my mother with chores, you could tell that she loved the help. We did a few things together like, cleaning the house, making some clothes, and making food.

My dad is rough. He has caught so many animals in the past. Today him and me caught a rabbit and a fox. They were super good to eat... I am so glad I have a mom to make food as good as this. Child's Journal: By: Olivia Watt
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