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Core Team

Pyramid Consulting has a fresh approach on offshore

ofir ejnes

on 13 November 2009

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Transcript of Core Team

What’s our technological speciality?

our mission is to provide solutions to all the challenges that interactive agencies face impossible to focus on a single technology
most web projects involve multiple technologies + are often imposed by the end client. impossible to focus on a single technology
if a supplier focuses on a single technology : higher risk of becoming obsolete + cannot follow the latest trends
no continuous relationship with
the agency
OUR WORK 1.banners Mattel minicars campaign
A new
delivery model http://demo.pointroll.net/content/demos/tazein/Disney_cars/Mattel_banshee_728x90.html Monster campaign huge banner project we did last year for atmosphere BBDO.
More than 1,000 banners (800 SWF + 200 GIF) in Q2-2008
includes: standard banner, advanced banners in 10 languages
A dedicated team of 25 members work on the project, from April 9 to May 14 (2008)
Estimated sold effort: 2,320 hours.
http://demo1.pyramid-consulting.com/us/banner-demo/monster/index.html Optimization issues on Monster
many graphics, long storyboard, limited K size (35 to 40K)

- use actionscript effectively for animations instead static animation on timeline
- optimize images from Photoshop and in Flash
- optimize font
- use the same graphic elements for animations.
http://demo1.pyramid-consulting.com/us/banner-demo/monster/index11.html AT&T banner:
(Targeted K size 35 to 40K) required to work on Flash player 6
- optimize graphics with Photoshop
- reduce and optimize animations
- reduce effect to keep quality and get KB as spec http://demo1.pyramid-consulting.com/us/banner-demo/att/index2.html LG optimization challenge http://www.pyco.be/demo/pyco_portfolio/banner/advance_banner/_part2-20080814/allergens_takeover/takeover.html http://www.pyco.be/demo/pyco_portfolio/banner/advance_banner/_part2-20080814/steam_takeover/takeover.html 2.Microsites Dr Pepper Full flash mini site accessing content via WS: 2 weeks of developement to repair a faulty implementation from other offshore vendors.
http://www.drivethruderby.com Razorfish France Content managed in XHTML rendered in flash.
SEO implementation (deep link, user friendly URL …)
Technology: Flash 9 (AS3), XHML, IIS6
http://www.duke-interactive.com/#/fr-FR/home-page.html Horsemen Microsite Full flash mini site accessing content via WS: 3 weeks of
developement including design
http://www.asb.tv/horsemen/ My Chipotle Full flash mini site accessing with user generated content, scaling, video wall, webcam submission... http://mychipotle.com/ Twitteringo AIR application using Twitter API and webservices to make a twitter bingo challenge Sony Ericsson x1 Flex, .NET, MS SQL + The site is available in 34 languages
(containing Arabic and Asian)
http://www.sonyericsson.com/x1/ 3.Complex Platforms Kadeos Size: 500-1000 (man/days) Duration: 3-4 months This platform is developed from an existing database, the presentation is changed from ASP to ASP.NET and Flash, business logic is implemented by web services.
communication with different external companies/sites:
Cybermut for the online payment
Fianet for checking the online payments information
Datagest for delivering the bought cards & checks (standard cards only)
Narboni for printing and delivering customers designed
Prosodie for managing the cards validations and cards cancellation.
eStat for analyzing the website usage (directly form the HTML & Flash)

This product is developed by 4-Tiers architecture framework: Data Access Layer, Business Logic Layers, Web service Wrapper and a library of ASP.NET Server Controls for Presentation Layer. It also supports for cross-cutting concerns such as: Logging through log4net, Configuration Management, Security through Enterprise Library. www.kadeos.fr Pricing Models
1.Project Based Efficient approach up to 2000 mandays of development per year.
Based on these rates:
We will provide you with a fixed quote on every project guaranteed profitability! Core team model Important note

Of course some projects have the size and length that easily justifies year long dedicated teams.

The Solution:

In the service industry in general and especially in our fast pace interactive world, it's all about human connections and flawless communication.

Which in our environment simply means someone that has the technical and interactive advertising background working in your offices with your teams.

But typically agencies suffer from peaks and lows in production all year long due to many small to mid size projects that come and go in an unpredictable rythm.

This situation makes year long dedicated teams an unefficient approach:

ongoing fixed costs

unefficient resource management + 85 % percent of offshore collaborations fail because of bad communication.
You need a profile that has the shoulders to work with your team, that are use to agency pressure and communication environment.

Not a "yes man" that follows orders.

There are 3 components to this model:

The on site program manager A minimum core team in the offshore centre It's the minimum common denominator in the development team.

Which at minimum would be:

-the project manager
-the qc manager
-the business analyst
-the technical architect

+ Maybe a design PM
+ Maybe some developers we are sure to use 100% for a long period. - Minimum fixed cost

- Access our full pool of resources / no limitations

- Very low lead time fixed quotes and better rates for the core team 1 2 Recruitment would be done jointly to guarantee a seamless integration into your company's team. (before finding the candidate, one of our existing onshore PMs would work on your company premises)

The PM can handle up to 250 man days worth of work during a one month period. We can staff this position whenever needed.

The PM does not only provide proximity and ease of communication, his/her expertise will support your team in making informed technical decisions.

The PM will also leverage Pyco’s R&D and expertise: show project examples, investigate new technologies, start proof of concepts and etc…

He will obviously also introduce your team to our tools and manage all offshore communication.
- Flawless communication
- Seamless integration in your team
- Full management of offshore communication
- Tools implementation
- Source of R&D and POC for your clients
- Will participate actively in generating extra
revenue Offshore profiles coming onshore to collaborate with Madison avenue agency profiles:

3 2 kinds of rates for development:

Rates for the dedicated team

Rates for the extra resources working on the project
Regular ressources Core team For every project you will receive a fixed quote in which we will clearly separate the work done by the core team ( rate 1) and the work done by resources added to the project (rate2). There will be a fixed price for every project.
Guaranteed profitability
Members of the core team raise profitability by 20%

Never worked and never will!

We are so confident we will give you 6 months to test this model with no commitment on your end! We are absolutely convinced that this is the only approach that works. During those first six (6) months, we will allow your company to reconfigure the entire core team every month, with the exception of the onshore component (as this is key in our strategy) . We will provide utilization reports to your company in order to help with decisions on team configuration At any given time during the first 6 months of the engagement, you can stop the collaboration. You will be able to test various configurations of the core team to optimize profit.
This will allow your company the ability test thoroughly this model before committing to a long term engagement.
During the first six (6) months of the engagement, we will hold a meeting every month with your company in order to review and reconfigure the core dedicated team (add or remove members)
After the first six (6) months, your company will need to commit to a dedicated team size for the next six (6) months. After the first quarter of the second six (6) month period, your company will be able to modify the team as long as 80 % of the original team is maintained.
Question that makes no sense to us.
The first and the most high end offshore production company dedicated to the interactive industry.

10 years of experience

Founders come from the agency world (Mccann)

300 offshore developers in all main technologies (technologically agnostic ) + agency expats

Never work for end clients never a threat.

Unique proprietary process updated and developed by 6 QA’s and supported by over 35 QC officers.

Satellite offices – onshore PM local industry experts.

Clients : publicis modem, Atmosphere BBDO, Razorfish, Ogilvy, Proximity, TBWA, JWT,Eurorscg,… Pyramid Consulting : Introduction To be an efficient production partner to interactive agencies you have to be technologically agnostic: We started Pyramid from day one with .net / php / java / front end groups + every developer is trained on 2 languages. CORE TEAM CONCLUSIONS: With the core team you can:
1.Test drive different team configurations/sizes during the first 6 months without commitment
2.Benefit from an onshore PM on your company premises, easing communication and bringing new ideas
3.Absorb production peaks and valleys even after the initial 6 months through a pool of resources attached to the core team that your company can use or release.
4.Benefit from special rates
5.Select and validate all team members
+ + + + + + + How does Pyramid Consulting guarantee availability of resources for peak production ? 15 % R&D policy

motivation for overtime work though our HR policies.
AC Nielsen certified us as the top 50 best employers in
Vietnam. Our Process Our business is very specific. It’s not a pure development process and it’s not a pure design process.

There is no existing process model that can match our needs 100%. CMMI is useful but documentation is too heavy and too inflexible when it comes to the final input changes. Thus we based the majority of our processes on the AGILE development methodology while still using CMMI in practice.

Pyramid built its own process based on Agile, CMMI & best practices.
It's an ongoing development of over 8 years with a dedicated team of 6 QA officers supported by 35 quality control officers.

We have the know how of over 10 years of collaboration with top ad agencies on all continents: cross fertilization and best practice are the basis of our process.

We have a 90 minutes presentation which goes through the details of our process. + Our Tools After a long benchmark process of many tools and a two year effort lead by our CTO Gilbert Sulon ( Ex Senior E&Y consultant) we completely integrated our process in a combination of:

+ OUR RECOMMENDATION FOR IN HOUSE PRODUCTION: For optimum performance and considering the level of overhead in our industry:

1) The team is sold long term on an extremely lucrative project.

2) The team is building a cutting edge project that will get you
an award or at least noticed. All the rest should not be in house. There are only 2 cases where it makes sense to hold production in house: Shift the focus of your in-house production to high end production, project management, innovation , conception and guaranteed profitability. Two successful demonstrations of our approach: ASB.TV Core team commissioned by by the founder of Blast Radius and Schematic; Kurt Kratchman for the development of a Revolutionary 2.0 community project .

This is a clear demonstration of the added value we can bring to the table and our passion for this industry.
Special focus on widget and social media distribution HTTP://WWW.ASB.TV PUBLICIS MODEM USA They decided to launch a bid for their USA offshore production between all the main offshore Players in the industry.

Pyramid consulting won and Publicis is enjoying as we speak of all the advantages of the core team model with onshore experts inhouse.
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