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4 Disciplines of Execution by FranklinCovey

Brown bag lunch session discussing the 4dx approach to quality management

joe de beer

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of 4 Disciplines of Execution by FranklinCovey

Discipline 1
Focus on the wildly
Discipline 2
Act on the lead
Discipline 4
Create a cadence
of accountability
Discipline 3
Keep a compelling
The 4 dx principles
The dx implementation
Installing WIG
Consider possibilities (brainstorming)
Rank by impact (on organisational WIG)
Test top ideas (aligned to organisation, measurable, owned by team, team's game)
Define the WIG (verb, define lag, simple, what not how, achievable)
Act on Lead measures
2 Types (small outcomes or leveraged behaviours)
Consider possibilities (new, strengths)
Rank by impact
Test top ideas ( predictive, influenceable, ongoing, game, measuarable, worthwhile?
Define (team/individual, qualitative/quantitative)
Keep a compelling scoreboard
Choose a theme (graphs, speedo, faces)
Design the scoreboard (simple, visible, actual and targets, are we winning?)
Build the scoreboard
Keep it updated (who, when, how)
Create a cadence of accountability
Account: Review last week's commitments
Review scoreboard: learn from successes and failures
Plan: Clear the path and make new commitments
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