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Elizabeth Gavigan

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Blue

Offering Creative Solutions for Southcoast Health
Southcoast Health
800 beds, 7,100 employees, $1.6B gross revenue
3 hospital system SE Massachusetts and East Bay, Rhode Island

Terry Conaty Donovon DePriest Liz Gavigan Jay Herr Matt Jenkins Dain Lindquist
Southcoast Health

SCH Re-brand
Affordable Care Act
Decreased patient volumes
Employee engagement
Patient satisfaction
Reduction in costs
Increasing revenue capture

Development of ACO and IT infrastructure
Disciplined growth
Physician recruitment and ambulatory services expansion
Performance Excellence Plan
Employee engagement
Customer satisfaction
Aging population
Increased competition for government revenues
Environment of care
Moving from “sick care” to “well care”
Loss of Massachusetts rural wage floor
Reimbursement cuts

Temporary freeze on all capital purchases
Looking to “re-define” partnerships
Employee engagement
Patient satisfaction
Patient leakage
Environment and Trends
Current Concerns
Current Initiatives
• Aligned mission, vision and values
• Strong strategic plan
• Actively seeking solutions from partners
• Respected management team

• Sodexo currently limited to food services
• IT availability
• Vendor vs. partner relationship

• Open to pilot projects
• Growth within the organization
• Partnership Growth
• Re-brand

"Southcoast is actively seeking solutions to problems we haven't even thought of". --Renee Clark
• Business advisory firm implementing FTI
• Southcoast’s Performance Excellence Plan
• Multiple contractors already on-site


Solutions Path
Employee value proposition
Reduce readmission rate
Innovative technology
Streamline processes
Increased revenues
Costs reduction
Business model growth

Circles Concierge
Comfort Keepers
Energy and sustainability service
Design and construction services
Increase revenue and strengthen marketplace position with limited capital investments while improving patient satisfaction and employee engagement

Solutions Path
Strengthen employee value proposition
Reduce stress and burnout
Sense of belonging
Optimize work efficiencies
Improve patient loyalty and referrals
Capture ED revenue
Reduce readmission costs
New patient revenues

Circles Concierge

Staff attrition--costs on average $30K per SCH employee
Medicare patient re-admissions put $11M in payments at risk in 2013
SCH total re-admissions in 2013 cost an estimated $57M
Improved patient loyalty and referral revenue
Captured ED revenue
10% reduction in attrition
1% reduction in Medicare re-admissions
12% reduction in overall re-admissions
Attract new patient growth at a rate of 2% per year
Reduce patients who leave without treatment by 50%

Saves SCH over $1M in employee turnover costs annually
Mitigate potentially at-risk revenues by $3.7M per year
$6.8M reduction from costly re-admissions through post discharge support
$15.7M in new patient revenues
$350,000 in ED revenue
96% of employees feel more valued
98% of Circles clients recommend our services to a colleague

KPI Targets
SCH Re-brand Challenges
XENEX robot installation
HCAHP scores for room cleanliness
On-site technical manager
Employee/patient training program
Brand reputation

KPI's and Targets
Use technology, process optimization and behavior modification methods to affect costs, patient safety and satisfaction, employee engagement and brand reputation
Solution Outline
HAI reduction
237 annually at $30,183/case
77 HAI reductions by year 3
15% increase in scores, capture 1% Federal at-risk revenue
Employee Engagement
5% increase in EE scores

HAI reduction
nets $3.39M after 3 years
Increases employee and patient safety
Decreases re-admissions
Nets $6.61M after 3 years
Qualitative employee benefits
Collaboration with client experts
Increase in brand reputation/differentiation

On-site staffing and virtual program
Salon services
Errand running
Notary and business services
Dry cleaning and laundry
Auto servicing with pick-up and drop-off
Comfort and amenity items
24/7 access
Can be extended to employee's partner/spouse
Full service travel capabilities
Dining, entertainment suggestions and reservations
Tickets to sporting events
Party and event planning
Gifts and research
Solutions and Actions
Patient engagement
Labor optimization
Training and enrichment
Increased accountability
Operational effectiveness
Improved patient satisfaction
Regulatory compliance and decreased re-admissions
Nominal investment

Solutions Path
Technical expertise
Instant service recovery
Improved work environments
Work optimization/efficiencies
Improved patient satisfaction
Improving working conditions HOW?
Improved management productivity
Reduce re-admission rates
Comprehensive mobile utility which maximizes efficiency and improves accountability.
New and innovative
iPad purchase
KPI's and Targets
Technical expertise
Instant service recovery
Optimization of labor
Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

Speed and efficiency
Real time reporting
Instant service recovery
Contractual progress verification
Standardization of processes and branding
Solutions and Actions
Solution Path Outline
Implement web based application for managing employees, training, and daily assessments.
Mobile office that assists in QA and patient satisfaction surveys.

Solutions and Actions
Staff attrition
Brand reputation
Patient satisfaction
Decreased re-admission rates
Sodexo growth potential as SCH partner with improved marketplace position
Useability factor
Quality improvement

Increase patient satisfaction
Decentralizing main hospital campuses
Increase revenue
Limited capital
Decrease re-admissions
Brand reputation
Potential for financial gain (win/win)
Brand differentiation
Growth potential for Sodexo
Decrease re-admission rates
Increases capital potential
Increase patient satisfaction
Community relations
Solutions Path
Companionship services
Personal care services
Home safety solutions
Private duty nursing services
Patient mind, body, safety and nutrition care

Comfort Keepers
Contributing to a sense of community belonging
Reduce costs
Out-patient 360
Increase brand loyalty
Build revenue stream
Solutions Outline and Actions
KPI Targets
Decrease re-admission rates
Increase capital
Drive revenues
Brand reputation
Drive patient satisfaction/HCAHPS scores

30 day re-admission rate decrease by 5%
Protect 1% at-risk federal funding
ROI of $861 per patient
Increase patient loyalty by 15%
HCAHPS nets $2.2M annual revenues
Capital revenue increase
Marketplace distinction within communities served

Reduce costs
Generate new investment dollars
Improving marketplace position
Employee recruitment and retention
Lower energy spend
Increased capital investment for new initiatives
Sodexo growth potential as SCH partner with improved marketplace position

Solutions Path
Improved work environments
Costs reduction
Improving working conditions
Connection with community
Energy and Sustainability
Design and Construction

Identify antiquated equipment
Continuous checks with quality improvements
Energy and solution experts
SMART survey
Solutions and Actions
KPI Targets
Energy improvements
SCH becomes a leader in the industry
Reduction of costs
New revenues
Utilities budget reduced 30%
$10 revenue generated for every $1 saved in energy
SMART survey quarterly review

Increased responsibility for client structure
Strengthened partnership with bundled services
10% savings over current spend
Marketplace strength
Rebates on Energy Star equipment
28 year $13M contract with $700K GP
Renewed 5 year food services contract in 2014
Denise Ammaccapane, Director Workforce Diversity, Market Diversity
Jeff Tinkey, Vice President, Facilities Offer Development & Deployment
Dianne Klocko, Sr. Executive Assistant, Performance & Operations Improvement
Kyle (Doug) McCall, Sr. Director, Maximo & AMF, Performance & Operations Improvement
Craig Window, Manager, Business & Client Development, CIRCLES
Marten Stenfors, Vice President, Performance & Operations Improvement
Jodi Davidson, Director, Diversity Initiatives
James Etchechury, Sales Executive, Energy Sales Team
Jeff Macedonia, Sales Executive, Energy Sales Team
Brett Wheat-Simms, Director Human Resources, Campus Services
Carl Wilke, Senior Project Manager, TRAKKAR
Joseph Brutto, District Manager
Steve Weitert, Operations Vice President, School Services
Monte Pedersen, Regional Vice President, Campus Services
Nell Fry from Sodexo 360, Energy Analyst II- Energy Field Team
David Simic, Comfort Keepers Vice President, Business Development
Mark Fagan, regional VP, Healthcare
Greg Deliberis, System GM Southcoast Health
Renee Clark, Chief Operating Officer, Southcoast Health
Mike Bachstein, Vice President Support Services, Southcoast Health
Julie Fox, Director of Encouragement and Kind Words


Gain Senior Leadership approval/support ------------------------
Contact Solution Center to Develop Business Plan ------------
Design Solution to Include VBP on all proposed Re-brand Solutions -------------------------------------------------------------------
Identify any Capital requirements -----------------------------------
Develop costing model and deal pro-forma -----------------------
Create Implementation Plan ------------------------------------------
Develop Sales strategy/approach -----------------------------------
Prepare Proposal --------------------------------------------------------
Secure Face to Face meeting with Client -------------------------
Secure Contract and begin Implementation Plan ---------------

Target Date



Technical expertise collaboration
Co-promotion of innovative new approach
Training platform for employees and patients
Improve work and patient environments
Cost reduction

Solutions Path
Potential for financial gain (win/win)
Brand differentiation
Sodexo growth potential
Reduce HAI spend
Decrease re admissions
Increase capital
Increase patient satisfaction and employee engagement
Patient and employee safety

Reduce costs
Limited capital investments
Improved patient satisfaction
Reduce readmission rates
Increase employee engagement
Brand reputation/marketplace positioning
Employee engagement
Patient satisfaction
Marketplace positioning
Work optimization
Limited capital funding
Reduced staff attrition
Improved patient satisfaction
Improved financial position
Opportunity to design, manage and deliver infrastructure related solutions

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