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Google Apps - Introduction Lesson

The entire lesson will take approximately 90 minutes to teach. I'd recommend breaking into two 45 minute sessions instead: - Part 1 (45 minutes) - "What is Google Apps for Education?" and "Rules & Safety Tips" - Part 2 (45 minutes) - "How to Login"

Eric E

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Google Apps - Introduction Lesson

Gmail Account
Rules and Safety Tips
How to Login
Using Gmail
Google Drive
Google Docs
30GB Online Storage
Word Processing, Presentation,
Spreadsheet, and Drawing Tools
Introduction Lesson
Why is this a big deal?
Any Questions?
2 Ways to Access Google Apps
Method #1 - Use Google
1) Go to www.google.com
2) If Google goes to the Japanese page, click Google .com

3) Click "Sign in"

4) Use your FULL Gmail address

Method #2 - Use School Intranet
1) Go to your school's Intranet
2) Use the link here as a portal to Google
Your User Name
and Gmail Address
first letter of first name, first 3 letters of last name, last 4 digits of student number@student.dodea.edu

Han Solo with a student number of 123456789 would use: hsol6789@student.dodea.edu

Classroom teacher will provide
User Name:
For Example:
NOTE: This is for BOTH your Google Apps for Education User Name and Gmail Address
Change your Password
Go ahead and login!!!
Go ahead and go to
the login page!
Do this together as we go through these steps:
Your password has now been changed!
DO NOT forget your new password!
DO NOT share your password with anyone EXCEPT your parents!
Part 1 - Sending an Email
We are now ready to send our first Gmail message!!!
Do this together as we go through these steps:
1) Point to the student to your right. That is the student who you are going to send a message to in just a minute.
2) Watch this video for a quick overview on how to compose a message.
3) Click on "Mail", then click "Compose"
4) Start typing the name of the student that you are sending a message to. After you type a couple letters, their email should appear as a clickable choice. Click on that name.
5) Type your email and click "Send"
6) You should receive an email in your "Inbox" from a classmate. Open and read their message, then click "Reply" and write back to them.
You've sent and replied to your first Gmail messages!!!
Part 2 - Email Organization
Here are some tips to help keep your inbox organized.
You can delete any message by either "right clicking" on it and selecting "Delete" or selecting the message and then clicking the "trash" icon.
You can organize your messages by using"folders" (similar to folders). Create a folder by clicking the folder icon and selecting "Create new". Move emails to a folder by selecting them, clicking the folder icon, and selecting the folder that you wish to move them to.
You can flag messages as "important" by clicking on the "star" icon.
All these tools are available when you login to your Google Apps for Education account.
Teachers, make sure everyone is has someone to send a message to.
Lesson Created by: Eric Ebert - Educational Technologist - Bechtel Elementary School
3) You need to enter your full Gmail user name here
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