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Vlad the Impaler

No description

Hannah Penny

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler Hannah Penny
2nd Period
Honors World Historys Who was Vlad the Impaler? Why was Vlad the Impaler so infamous? He killed more then 20,000 men,women, and children during his reign as Prince of Wallachia. It is said that he was known to host party's with his victims impaled in the room with them, he would also drink and eat the flesh of his enemies. Considered a national hero in his native country of Romania. He is a national symbol of a fight for independence against Ottomans. Vlad the Impaler is know for his treacherousness way of torture and killing. Some of his most frequently used ways of killing and torture were, impaling,skinning his victims alive,eyes gauged out,dismemberment,
boiling and many other horrific ways. Vlad was a fourteenth century prince who ruled over and founded the state of Wallachia. Born in 1431 in Sighissoara,Romania Son of Vlad Dracul the second, a military governor appointed by the Holy Roman Empire. He was also a knight in the Order of the Dragon. A league created to uphold Christianity and defend the empire against Islamic Turks. Vlad the Impaler was a ruthless emperor who accomplished diminishing poverty, competition,crime and improved the economy; in his kingdom by using ruthless but successful tactics. Launched several attacks on the Turkish Province winning most of them. Vlad retreated to drastic measures during one attack on his kingdom he went to such heights of burning villages and poisoning the water so his enemies Sultan Muhammad the second and his army would not be able to survive. Vlad's death is highly controversial most historians believe he was killed during battle against the Turks either by a Turkish solider or by one of his own men. When the Sultans army reached the cities capital they were bombarded by a gruesome sight of 20,000 Turkish captives impaled and put on display for all to see, it became known as the "Forest of the Impaled." He was then decapitated and brought to Constantinople where the Sultan displayed his head for all to see that Vlad the Impaler was actually dead, during the winter of 1476. Vlad displays many characteristics such as failure leads to success. He failed many times but always still strived for what he believed in. Through out history Vlad the Impaler has fascinated many people and inspired countless novels, movies, and stories of the undead and what happens after death.
Vlad will always live on through history as a merciless ruler and blood thirsty killer. Vlad the Impaler inspired many characters through out history in horrific movies and books such as Bram Stokers Novel Dracula that was published in 1867, Nosferatu a movie made in 1922 was loosely based on Bram Stokers novel. and many more films depicting the undead. Book sources: Vlad the Impaler the Real Count Dracula by Enid A. Goldberg and Norman Itzkowitz. Sources: http://www.vladtheimpaler.com/
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