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Cellular organization

No description

Michael Starkey

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Cellular organization

Now that the scary cow has been stopped and is being readied for the start of our lesson, which is learning cellular organization, our key terms are: Cells, tissues, organ, organ system, organism, simple, and complex Today's lesson is about cell division. This process of cells dividing is known as "MITOSIS".

It is important to know how animal cells divide.
We will get to that later, but right now we need to find an animal that is familiar to all of us in order to demonstrate why animal cell division is important. cells dividing A COW!! What the heck?!? Not Familiar.... Cells to Tissues Tissues to Organ Organ to Organ System CELLS Organ Systems to Organism SIMPLE Less Simple. More Complex More Complex even more complex Now that you have learned how cells are the most basic/simple units of life that are organized into increasingly complex structures to develop an organism, it should be easier to understand the importance of cell division(Mitosis): REPAIR and GROWTH. Both are important in maintaining the integrity and well-being of the organism. Please label the picture with the correct term Simple
plain/easy to understand Complex
Many parts Simple Complex #1. _________________________________ #2. _________________________________ #3 __________________________________ #4 ______________________________ #5 ______________________________ Your Name _______________________________________
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