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Question 4

No description

Thomas Pilsel

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Question 4

Question 4:
...comment on the effect...
'The writer uses descriptive language such as 'paradise' to show how beautiful the valley is. The word 'paradise' suggests that after walking for so long in the frozen snow, Parrado and Canessa have stumbled upon a place which feels like heaven. The religiopus metaphor is continued with the words 'blessed valley' and 'Garden of Eden'. The writer's choice of language is almost suggesting a miracle has happened... (Band 4)
Now, discuss a similar example in another example and repeat the 'comment' process.
Do not write about:
Select a word/phrase...

'blessed valley'

'Garden of Eden'
sentence length
An Overview
select language - comment (analyse the effect on the audience) - compare
band 1: no explanation of effects - 'limited'
band 2: if explanation is generic - 'generalised effect'
band 3: explanation is contextualised - 'clear, relevant'
band 4: explanation is 'perceptive'
"analysis of the effects of words, phrases and language features more than comparison"
This metaphorical use of descriptive language is also evident in source 2, when the writer uses the word... The word...suggests...
TIP from the examiner:
select actual words, phrases or language features that have been deliberately chosen in order to create an effect on the reader.
'Compare the ways in which language is used for effect...'
Do write about...
purposes of the texts
descriptive language
metaphorical language
evocative language
emotive phrases
literary techniques - alliteration, hyperbole, etc..
personal language - 1st, 2nd, 3rd person
positive and negative semantic fields

Remember: comment on the effect these things have on the audience
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