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The Shore Thing: A history of the NorthShore Mall in Photos

1958-the present

Zachary Carey

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Shore Thing: A history of the NorthShore Mall in Photos

The History of Peabody's Northshore Mall in Photos The Shore Thing Humble Beginnings Anticipating the Changes New England was once a hub for department stores. Jordan Marsh was one of the longest lived, established in 1841 and defunct in 1996. They opened a store at the Northshore Shopping Center just in time for the grand opening of the future mall. Photo Credits: The Salem News, September 1, 2008 Getting Ready for the Grand Opening Time for a facelift Along with the reconstruction of the Northshore Mall came a food court. One of the anchoring restaurants was the 1950s-themed diner Johnny Rockets, which was located on the left of the entrance (not pictured here). This entrance has received further renovations in more recent years, with the addition of a P.F. Chang's China Bistro and a Cheesecake Factory. The Johnny Rockets closed about 4-5 years ago.

Photo Credits: The Salem Evening News, March 30, 1994 (Business Financial Industrial Review) Feed Your Hunger Bill Murray (No, no that one!) stares pensively as he anticipates the changes to the Northshore Mall in 1993. His father, William, opened Murray's Stationery in the Northshore Shopping Center in 1958, which later became a Hallmark Card Store. Bill worked at Murray's Stationery during his youth and later inherited the store from his dad. The Murray's Hallmark is one of the only two tenants that still has ties to the original Northshore Shopping Center (The other one is the Carmelite Chapel, which opened in 1959). The store is still open today, but it is now his daughter Ashley who presently oversees the Northshore Mall store.

Photo Credits: The Boston Sunday Globe, November 7, 1993. Then known as the Northshore Shopping Center, in 1958. It was not yet a mall at the time, as it was first an outdoor open air shopping center. Murray's Stationery later became a Hallmark store but retained the same family ownership. It is the last remaining store with any ties to the old Northshore Shopping Center (The Carmelite Chapel opened one year later in the Center and is still going strong today.

Photo Credits: The Boston Sunday Globe, November 7, 1993 Just in time for its 35th anniversary (1993 to be exact), the North Shore Shopping Center underwent a massive renovation project and was rechristened the Northshore Mall. Photo Credits: The Boston Sunday Globe, November, 7, 1993. Open Sesame! The Northshore Mall celebrated its reopening to the public with the debuts of several new tenants, including a two-story Filene's department store. The Northshore Mall location premiered October 29, 1993, and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the occasion. Filene's became of the anchor stores of the mall and thrived until its closing in 2011 when the entire chain went bankrupt.

Photo Credits: The Boston Sunday Globe, November 7, 1993 A Brush with Greatness In its burgeoning years, the Northshore Shopping Center was a popular spot for celebrities to make personal appearances and greet shoppers. Teen pop singer/songwriter Paul Anka was one of the many notable names to visit the Northshore Shopping Center in the late 1950s/early 1960s. His back is turned to the camera in this photo, possibly because he might have been in a rush to get to a concert that evening. Comedian/MDA Telethon host/director Jerry Lewis and Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers star Buster Crabbe also visited the Northshore Shopping Center in its early years.

Photo Credits: The Salem News, September 1, 2008 Let's Go Shopping! Shoppers check the window displays and walk through the corridors on a typical day at the Northshore Mall, circa 1994. The expansion project that commenced in 1992 was still ongoing at the time this photo was published. A J.C. Penney was anticipated to open by the fall of 1994. Only two of the five major department stores - J.C. Penney and Sears - are still operating.
Photo Credits: The Salem Evening News, March 30, 1994, (Business Financial Industrial Review)
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