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Station Profile

An overview of the Fox 11 WLUK television station in Green Bay, WI.

Zachary Timmons

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Station Profile

Fox 11 WLUK Green Bay, WI Owned and Operated by: Station Manager: Jay Zollar History of WLUK Founded in 1953 as WMBV based in Marinette
1960- Call letters changed to WLUK and moved the station to Green Bay, WI
Started as an NBC affiliate
NBC > ABC >NBC affiliation
1995- Fox purchased rights to broadcast NFC Football games
Fox purchased WLUK in the same year
2005- WLUK was purchased by LIN Television
-6'th owner over the history of the station
2009- Major station renovation

6 hours of News Daily
- Good Day Wisconsin
-FOX 11 News at 5
-FOX 11 News at 9
Market DMA Rank: 70 Conservative / Blue Collar Market
Family Oriented
Outdoor Lifestyle WLUK 450,000 Homes
News Director General Sales Manager Chief Engineer Marketing Director Digital Media Head Juli Buehler
Tory Grant-Welhouse Mike Nipps Patrick Krohlow Mike Berrend On-Air Staff Pete Petoniak Drew Smith Michelle Melby Rachel Manek Tom Milbourn Chief Meteorologist News Anchor News Anchor Good Day Wisconsin Anchor Sports Director www.fox11online.com whatup
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