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Temple Grandin: the movie

This isn't simply the movie, this is a diagram showing the plotline. It's rises, it's falls, it's best and worst parts. Enjoy.

Kieran Puri

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Temple Grandin: the movie

Places and People
The Places
The First place you will see in this movie is that of a small-town-like area. Full of farms,
you can definitely tell that
most of what you'll see here
will be horses, pigs and cows.
It's a nice place, with lots of
places to be alone or do
whatever you want, and
plenty of nice people who let
you do just that. It may be a
little crowded, but otherwise it's perfect for someone like Temple.
The Farm
The Schools
Both nice places, these were mainly places of torture for Temple, who doesn't usually like people in the first place. However, they weren't all bad. Temple's high school was a very supporting place, with teachers and other staff who help support the students (especially
in science).
Aunt Ann
Eustacia (Temple's mother)
Temple Grandin
Time in High School
First Time on Farm
First time at college
As Temple's aunt, who also lives across the country from her, Ann loves her niece just as much as her sister does. She also lives on a farm near the college that Temple is attending, giving Temple a very good place to stay during the holidays.
She's a very outgoing person, allowing Temple to do whatever is required to keep her comfortable. Ann also lets her make whatever changes are necessary to keep her happy at the farm.
Ann is married to a man some might call a cowboy, and the farm they live on isn't the kind that grows plants, it's a cattle farm. This means that she is more used to people who want to be doing something rather than just thinking about it, making her a good person to be looking after Temple.
Eustacia loves her daughter as much as anyone would love their child. She is constantly trying to do what's best for Temple, and would do anything to help with her autism. Unfortunately, this has left her a little exhausted from all that she's done, which means she has a fairly short temper with other people.
Another factor in her temper is that she has been told that autism is the fault of the mother, because she didn't give Temple the love she needed when she was young. This has left her very stressed out, thinking about that and, at the same time, trying to compensate for it now by loving her even more.
In compensating, she continues to hope that she can cure Temple's autism, even though she knows it's impossible.
Temple is autistic. She isn't very good with speaking, cannot deal with too much attention, and doesn't learn through conventional means. However, she is very good with visualization, and sees the world in pictures and functions.
She also sees it through logic, which can be unfortunate at times. If anything is out of it's logical place, she will start panicking, and requires some form of stimulus to calm down. Usually, the stimulus would be spinning, but after visiting the farm and seeing the squeezing machine used to calm cows, she finds that that works too, and builds one for herself. This is her method of keeping calm.
Even with all of her problems, Temple is very driven, and with a little push from the people who love her she can do anything she wants. Using this drive, she is also constantly attempting to overcome her autism to "move on to greener pastures."
Boarding school

Pretty regular grade 10 schooling, math, English, French, science

Kids make fun of Temple for her troubles with autism

Most teachers don't know how to deal with Temple, science teacher does

Becomes friends with science teacher(dr. Carlock), who helps Temple learn in her own way

First thoughts of death when the horse she rides dies
Story starts here

Has trouble adjusting to new things, doesn't think of her room as "her room" unless there's a sign

Discovers that squeezing machine calms cows

Has panic attack when sign falls off her door

Uses cow squeezing machine to calm herself, since it calms the cows

Working at the Ranch
Working at the
Slaughter House
Overcoming Autism
Master's Degree
Temple Grandin: The Movie
The Inner Struggles of Autism
The End of the Story
This story doesn't have a "proper" ending, because the true story it's based on is still happening today. There is no resolution, because the falling action of the movie is just leading to the greater and ever-expanding story of the real Temple Grandin's life.
Plot Line of a typical movie for comparison
High school is a difficult time in anyone's life, so imagine how it was for Temple. It started out as you might expect at a boarding school, she met the teachers, looked at all of the courses, and found out where she was staying.
Once school started, though, it all changed. Because of Temple's difficulty with both words and dealing with other people, she didn't do very well in any classes involving a lot of theoreticals. However, science class, because it has many hands-on experiments, was very good for her, and the teacher was helpful too.
Her teacher, dr. Carlock, knew how she understood the world, and was able to help her with her studies by giving assignments that didn't require very much writing.
During all of this, Temple had also learned how to ride a horse, and was very attached to the one she rode. Unfortunately, it died during the school year, prompting her first thoughts on death, asking "where do they go?"
This is where our story really begins.
As soon as she got off of the plane, Temple didn't like it here. It was hot, humid, and nothing like the places she had grown up in. She had a difficult time adjusting to the new house, and couldn't think of her room as "her room" unless there was a sign signifying it on the door.
She does find things to do, though, including watching cows and the way that they are handled. She finds it very odd that the big machine that squeezes them keeps them calm, prompting her to study it.
One day the sign on her door was accidentally knocked off of the door. When Temple saw it she started to panic, since the sign was the only logical way that she had a room in the house. Knowing that the squeezing machine calmed the cows, she ran out to it and used it on herself, this calmed her down and allowed her to deal with the problem.
College is a lot like high school for Temple, the only difference is that this time she has to have a roommate. This isn't a good thing for her, since she doesn't know how to deal with other people very well. She then discovers that her roommate isn't arriving for a few weeks, so she won't have to worry about it until then.
Not very long into the year, Temple isn't doing very well in classes like English and French, and this is making her a little panicky. She builds herself a squeezing machine that she can put in her dorm room to calm herself down.
Soon after, her roommate arrives, and upon seeing Temple in the machine she built, her roommate complains and gets the squeezing machine thrown out. This roommate doesn't end up moving in, but Temple still isn't allowed to have the machine.
While staying at the farm over break, Temple builds herself another hug machine to bring back to college. Her mother comes with her as well to help argue as to why Temple should be allowed to keep it.
The school says that she can keep it as long as it is a scientific experiment, which she would record the results of, then hand those results in for grading. She experimented with how different people feel inside it, claustrophobic, relaxed or something else.When she handed in her findings, she got full marks and, more importantly, was allowed to keep her machine.
It was after these events that her new roommate moved in, a blind girl named Alice. Alice didn't mind the hug machine, since she couldn't see it, and she was very nice to Temple. Over time, Alice helped acclimatize Temple to other people, which led to the biggest breakthrough for Temple against autism. She started sitting next to and talking with other people.
And this is what leads to her graduation.
Temple's graduation was only the first step of her life, now she's looking for something to master in. During her search she recalls when she was on the farm, and how fascinating the cows were.
So she takes a tour of a local cattle farm, and the first thing she notices is the cow's mooing. She starts wondering about the reason for it. Is it communication? Or is it something more specific? This is what she finds most interesting, so she decides to use this for her master's degree.
The hardest part of her studies weren't figuring out why the cows were mooing, it was dealing with the men working there. They weren't used to having a woman there, as it was seen as a male place of work, so they were insulting her at every turn.
Despite this, Temple eventually figured out that the reason the cows mooed was as a warning to other cows. The mooing was because they were distressed, and that distress meant chaos on the farm. so Temple's finds meant that a quiet herd was a calm herd, and that if a design kept them quiet, it would also save money.
After having her findings were published in a local magazine, Temple received her master's, taking her first step toward a new life.
After having her findings published, Temple started getting the attention of a company that was building a new cattle farm. They were willing to hire her to design the fences and bath they lead the cows through. This is an area where a lot of cows can drown if they're too exited, so it's important that they remain calm, and that's Temple's field of study.
She designed a slightly more expensive version than those used before, using solid walls to comfort the cows, and more curves to lead them through it. This meant that it required less people prodding them along, and resulted in less cows drowning, which means significant savings on their part.
There was some opposition to the changes from traditional versions, but once it was built, it was clear this was better. the cows were going through of their own accord, not needing any prodding at all. They were quiet, which meant that they were very calm, and not one cow drowned.
Unfortunately, this didn't mean that everyone accepted it. Later, some other people saw it and didn't know how it was supposed to work. So they changed it back, and immediately had three cows drown in it. This once again proved that Temple's designs were much better than the previous, and they made sure to change it back.
After having been published and designing the new cattle farm, Temple was invited to write for a local magazine about her designs. It was through this job that she heard about a slaughter house that was redesigning it's entire building, and she just knew that she had to be the one to design it.
The first thing she did was obvious, go to the front desk and ask to see the head of the company. She was unfortunately sent away. Later, while she was out shopping for groceries, she ran into the head of the company's wife. They talked a little, and she promised to get Temple the meeting she wanted with the people who were designing it.
At the meeting she presented the ideas and designs she used for the cattle farm before. Solid surfaces, lots of curves and a calm environment. The materials required for this would have been quit a bit more expensive, especially on the large scale, so there was some opposition.
But Temple held firm, showing them that a calm environment and the solid surfaces would stop all injuries, ensuring that there would be no blockages in the line, and keeping the cows moving. It is these points that would save them more money than ever before, and which convinced them to go through with her design.
Many years later, but not too many, Temple and her mother go to a conference for autism. There were a lot of parents there, with their autistic children, who had no idea how to handle them. These parents had come here to, hopefully, learn how to help their children.
Temple knew exactly how the children felt. Being told to calm down, while doing something that lets her become calm, just because she needs to move to do it. And having all of these people focus on her even though that's the opposite of what she needs.
While everyone is talking about their problems, and solutions, Temple stood up to correct someone. Everyone was surprised to learn that she herself was autistic, since she was quite confident in her speech.
They asked her to come up on stage to talk about how she got over her autism, a moment that became the biggest turning point of her life. This was the moment when she realized that she had defeated her autism. While it would always be there, she would have the confidence to do whatever she wanted.
So she took a step...
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