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Team Cyclone - TP3 - Kickstarter Project

2013 Kickstarter Prezi Project for Team Building Class FSO - Not an actual Kickstarter!

Martin Egger

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Team Cyclone - TP3 - Kickstarter Project

Showing off what you have done in the game is a very important part of today's social scope within the community. We want to honor that by implementing an Achievement System that can be shared on Twitter and Facebook
3rd Person Shooter
New York is free to wander and at any given time, you can decide where to go, what to explore and if you follow the designated missions or not. But beware, time is of the essence and waiting too long to complete a high priority mission, just might change the narrative.
New York 2088
Finical District
Law Enforcement
The Story
Why support for us?
The City
The player should feel the epic vista and be overwhelmed by it. Our music will have different layers, but what we like to be always clear in our music is the mix of technology and traditional music conveying the uncertainty what can be around the next corner.
Action in a Mission
Our action sequences are created with different levels of depth reflecting the narrative. Our music will add an additional layer, giving the feeling that people, an object, the mission or your personal life is at stake and at the same time providing the feeling of heroism.
Driving a Vehicle Radio
Time to chill out? Driving should be an experience and in our eyes something relaxing. In most instances there will be a more chilled out atmosphere. In a chase or fire exchange, the music will change.
Emotion & Tragedy
Our story can be tragic, emotional, scary but also making you laugh and smile. We do narrative because we believe that games are the evolution of books and movies, but interactive. Nevertheless we want to activate the same feelings while playing as you would in the more traditional mediums.
The Sight System
Quick Time Events
Unlike other games, there will a limited number of cinematics. Games are here to play. We use QTE to let player participate. In addition it allows the player next to dialog, having the option to give a physical respond rather a verbal one.
Value System
Kill or not kill him? Destroy an energy plant or not? Talk nicely or punch them in the face? Everything will effect your Value System and how people perceive you. Who regards your actions as good, you will receive more information, better prices, other missions.
Through crafting, you gain the ability to customize your weapons and multi-tool, giving them the ability to shoot larger distances, unlock doors who have a high security standard.
Reputation System
Without your informants you are missing vital information. Doing or not engaging in an activity not only influences your Value System but also your Reputation System and what informants you will get.
Special Mechanics
Police System Apps
Only available for Police officers on duty. Any misuse is regarded as crime...than again its your choice.
Pro: User will be able to detect the level of emotion and the heart rate of suspect

Con: You aren't able to gain any experience for the interrogation
Facial Recognition
Pro: User is able to find suspects to turn into informants easier.

Con: User is easily recognized by enemies for the rest of that day.
Night Vision
Pro: User can see without using a flashlight, allowing for less detection.

Con: Can only be used once per day.
Black Market Apps
Available only in special areas. You will suffer the consequences...
Pro: User is able to run and react faster for a few minutes.

Con: Only can be used once per mission.
Pro: Gives the user the ability to see enemies’ movements beforehand during the next few engagements.

Con: The user is rendered slower reflexes for the next few minutes.
Pro: You are able to see through the enemies cover locations to see where they are hiding.

Con: The player is not able to crouch for the next few minutes.

Special Apps
Passive abilities only affordable for the rich and the beautiful...which you are
Pro: You are able to cut in half the cool down time of an app.

Con: There is a 10% chance it could double the cool down time
Temporal Shift
Pro: Allows the user to jump back in time from 1 sec up to 2 minutes.

Con: User takes a 10% hit to health.

Hidden Veil
Pro: User is able to move undetected until an action is required.

Con: Can only be used once per mission.
All informants are part of a faction which you as a player can gain more reputation through missions, activities and actions you engaging in. Those information can unlock different missions or part of them, giving you a different experience.
Behavior System
Your choices, in respect of your value system and reputation, will change. Moreover you will move differently, your voice will change, your overall appearance will become darker or brighter reflecting you play style.
Jessica Nicholson
The year is 2088; Cybernetic enhancements have become the new norm. Biometric arms, flesh tone modifiers and synthetic skin have become fashion statements as well as basic living accessories for the common man. Sight Systems a Cybernetic optic eye enhancement system has released there newest upgrade to the general public.
Branching Narrative
Every mission has a back story. We don't value side quest just for the sake of content. We want to let the players feel the purpose of every mission provided and actually has some weight of the greater picture within the story as a whole or the previous or following missions
Final Remarks
Story is an important part in Optic Soul and as you can see we invest a lot in conceptualizing and producing it. We want it to be your story of Jessica Nicholson and therefore will differ from what your friends experience from the smallest conversation to the final of the game
Your perks when you support us!
A signed (by the lead team) Sight System Edition including the following items:
A 50 cm high figure made by Weta Workshop of Jessica Nicholson signed by her voice over and motion capture actress, Rachel Nichols
Sight Glasses capable of 3D
The Conceptual Art Book
The Official Soundtrack
An exclusive in-game Weapon and Body Suit.
A Making-of DVD
You are being listed by name on the Credits
Closing words
Title Song
Our title song has been selected to reflect on all the choices made by the players. But what stands out is to every path taken by the player is to never give up.
Production Features
Mission Hub
Is the police precinct the player will receive different missions and is the one place where the player can interrogate suspects.
Bad cop, good cop routine? Nope... just installing my interrogation app so I can beat the shit out of you!
Tools & Weapons
Last resort? Screw it just pull the trigger dammit!
Main Weapon
Secondary Weapon
A Swiss army knife of the future. Used to open doors, breaking locks, stealing, changing electrical circuit routes or just using the fork to attack your foes.
Name: Detective Jessica Nicholson

DOB: September 3, 2056

Gender: Female

Height: 5’9

Hair color: Pale Brown

Eye Color: Emerald green with amber flecks and original light blue Sight System Optic overcast.

Body Type: Lithe with long arms and legs corded with well-toned muscles and slender feminine features.

Appearance: Trained in both old world martial arts and new world Muay Thai, Jessica has the perfect balance of strength and agility to take down her foes with lighting speed and precession. Trained in special military tactics and a large range of different weaponry, Jessica is New York’s youngest Cybernetic Crime Detective since the unit was first formed in 2037.

Personality: Tough with a sarcastic attitude, Jessica relies more on her gut feelings instead of her Sight System Optic eyes. Curious in nature, she often finds herself diving deeper into cases then other detectives would.

Relations: The only girl and youngest of three siblings, Jessica grew to learn how to handle herself around a group of rambunctious and often violent boys.

Radio Example
Need something more freaky? Here you go...!
Radio Example
Need a women's voice to get you chilled out for your drive? No problem for our radio...
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