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Summative Assessment

US History Period 7

Karim Galal

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Summative Assessment

To what extent have minority groups been successful at challenging the ideals outlined in the constitution and the Delaration of Independence? Good question.... so..... whats the answer? Several people, court cases, and laws have challenged the ideals either in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence or lacking in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to a great extent successfully. There is still some progress to be made. Want to know how and why? HERE'S WHY AND HOW Heres what the ideals outlined in the constitution looked like back in 1788.... It outlined the ideals of.... A democratic government So what's there to challenge? Well here's a complex answer The constitution back then had no ideals outlined The constitution now though has THE 19th AMENDMENT Significant because it gave women equal rights in the Constitution THE 14th AMENDMENT Significant because it gave citizenship and rights to all minority groups. Although meant for African Americans at the time it holds true for any minority group in America today
First of all though...what is a minority group? People of all these ethnicities, sexual preferences and women THE 13th AMENDMENT Signifcant because it repealed the 3/5th law and looked to correct previous injusticies done to African Americans THE 24th AMENDMENT Significant to question as it addressed old laws which limited African American and minority group rights. THE 15th AMENDMENT Significant because it ensured that the vote, an essential right, could not be denied because of race,color or past enslavement. All these Amenedment Happened because of court cases, actions and legislation like MINOR vs. HAPPERSETT Significant because it brought the issue of women's suffrage to the government whereafter it was debated on until the 19th amendment TURNER'S REBELLION Significant because it represented a demand for rights within the African American community which was starting to become less and less easy to ignore. This eventually led to the 14th amendment in the long run. SENICA FALLS CONVENTION Significant because it influenced women to demand voting rights which eventually lead to the 19th amendment Which means... Minorities have been sucessful in having their rights and ideals be defended by FEDERAL law in the constitution. While the constitution basically had no ideals set forth for its citizens the lack of rights is what allowed many injustices to go on Despite the bill of rights which was not specifically for miniorities so basically VERY SUCESSFUL! To what extent have minority groups been successful at challenging the ideals outlined in the Constitution? Heres what the Declaration of Independence looked like way back in 1776.... It stated that all men are created equal and deserve unalienable rights Just men? And what are men according to the declaration?
Minorities challenged through court cases, actions and amendments that only men are created equal
AND challenged what it means to be human and male ? Only the white one when the Declaration was written... but now...they all are Harriet Tubman Significant because her actions where some of many which brought to light the conflict between Free North and slave south. This seperation would be the cause of the civil war which led to African Americans across the US being freed. Frederick Douglass Significant because his works showed that not only could an African American be intellegent and educated but that they should be free. Made the justification for amendments like the 14th and 15th more solid. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Significant because they helped set forht the women's rights movement in America eventually resulting in equal rights gained in the 19th Amendment. P.S Although latinos,asians, and homosexuals had no roles in the aforementioned points the actions of African Americans and Women helped influence laws which included and protected people of all races and genders. The fact that all of the people mentioned are either African American or female is simply because of the times. HERE'S WHY AND HOW THERE IS STILL SOME WAY TO GO. The Constitution still does not uphold the ideals it should fully: Homosexual marraige Significant because it shows that inequality still exists seeing as gay marriage is illegal in most states Native American Struggle Significant because their rights have never been fully adressed by the Constitution till today. Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections This court case is significant because by finally declaring poll taxes fully illegal on a state and federal level any history of the South's reconstruction efforts to limit African American rights was erased. This followed the 24th Amendment. Elk vs. Wilkins Court case which tried to use the 14th amendment to prove that Native American children were US citizens. Significant because it was downturned. Basically, not a white anglo-saxon male "All men are created equal" is taken to mean that all of humanity is created equal. The Declaration of Independence has not been changed only its interpretation has. It didn't outline many rights either except for one essential one:
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