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Mike Myers

No description

Mike Myers

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Mike Myers

Formative Evaluation
Formative Evaluation
What are the learning outcomes?
Who are the users and what is the context of their learning environment?
Where will the content come from?
How does the client envision the product? (W
hat's a must? What's a maybe?
What is the timeline?
Storyboard your design
Gather your clients input and redesign
2nd iteration: gather your clients input and redesign again
Gather your users input and redesign
Agree on "final" design
Identify the appropriate tools to produce the product
Create a draft, share with clients, and make changes
2nd Iteration: share with client and make changes
Gather users feedback on the product
Make final revisions to product and agree on a "final" version ready to implement
Determine implementation plan
Purchase necessary tools to implement
Train users and evaluators if necessary
Distribute product
Gather evaluation feedback
Make final revisions to product
Determine if your product works or not
Formative Evaluation:
Does your clients vision of the product align with ISD best practices?
Formative Evaluation:
What feedback do your client and users have on your product at each iteration?
Does the knowledge gathered in the analysis phase stand true?
Formative Evaluation:
Does your product meet the needs of the user?
Does your product fulfill the needs of your client?
Formative Evaluation:
Does your product work in the context of the learning enviornment?
Does your product successfully deliver the learning outcomes?
Do users react positively to your product?
How to Use
To zoom in on a component of this diagram, simply click on the area. To go back to a full view of the diagram, click on the white space. You can also use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to go through the diagram step by step.
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