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No description

Russell Meghoo

on 24 November 2017

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Transcript of Blaze

We are
What is Blaze?
Cashless system

Web app
iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
Most web enabled devices (computers and tablets)

No need to download any particular app.
Blaze can help you compete in the mobile payments space, by providing a product that can easily be modified to fill this need.
We do not store credit card information
We use Stripe (a US-based payment service) to ensure payments and credit card information are secure

The users balance is decreased and the recipients balance is increased accordingly
If an error occurs during a transaction, ALL changes will be rolled back, and no money will be transferred.
A user may only engage in one transaction at a time, to prevent them from exploiting race condition bugs to defraud merchants or other users.

Paying for goods/services is simply a transfer between two entities (customer and merchant) and the same principles that apply to sending credit apply to purchases.
Why partner with us?
Blaze would provide banking services to customers in remote areas where you cannot easily reach.
This would expand your
brand name while gaining revenue.
Blaze is a small, agile technology company, which means we iterate quickly. We are able to do this due to our use of:

Code Review

The Blaze web app is covered by an extensive automated test suite.
Test Driven
Potential Market and Competition

The specifics (smart vs feature phones) aren’t easily ascertained as not everyone with a smartphone has a data plan, but...

TT has a 126% penetration rate
2013 Digicel Announcement
Jamaica has a 115% penetration rate
2009 Survey
Dom Rep has a 90.69% penetration rate
2010 Report, Indotel
Standard credit card processing has high fees for merchants

No concept of "credit to be passed around" among consumers

Unidirectional (purchasing only) rather than peering

Potential Market and Existing Competition

Jamaica Co-Operative Credit Union League

As of August 2013 they have stated they are in phase one of development.
Unlikely to be heavy on technical expertise
Still in the air.

Too much uncertainty
Not clear whether this will actually be the Jamaican M-Pesa.
Most likely to partner exclusively with NCB.
we know modern tech, let's get it done.
High rates on purchases (even higher for international users)
Getting the actual cash is even harder if you aren't American
Can be scaled into a complete mobile money solution for you.

1st to have a full mobile banking system

Blaze Ticketing System
You become the de facto sponsor of all events that use Blaze
Quick and easy transactions
Blaze is simple and easy to use
Support for buying credit with a
credit card
Profile information
Send money to a
friend quickly
Keep track of your transactions
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