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By: William Golding

No description

Taylor James

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of By: William Golding

By: William Golding
Lord of the Flies
What is this novel about?
About 2 dozen British schoolboys between ages 6-12 were forced to evacuate Britain in the midst of an intense world war. All clothed in their choir uniforms, they arrive on a deserted island due to their plane crashing. An adultless environment causes the boys to govern themselves in need of order and survival. The conch shell founded on the beach by Piggy and Ralph is the first symbol shown to represent order and society. When all of the boys come together after the crash, they elect Ralph to order them around. They determine the biguns (the older boys) and the littluns (the younger boys). A strong antagonist being Jack, a fellow bigun, was elected to rule the hunters and the signal fire. As time unfortunately settles in on the island, everyone's hope of being rescued has been lost. The sight of a beast in the forest seen by a littlun frightens most of the boys. The strife to find and kill the beast leads to the killing of many boys the loss of patience and order and civilization drifts away and savagery arrives.
: main character and the protagonist. 12 year old fair haired boy, elected leader of the boys and tries to keep the boys focused and in order, represents human beings instinct
Ralph's sidekick, whiny, intelligent and talkative. (a bigun) Chubby, glasses and an asthmatic. Tries to persuade the boys to listen to Ralph. Found the conch, represents science
Ralph's rival and the antagonist. (a bigun) Leader of the hunters but holds strong jealousy of Ralph's authority and power over the boys, cruel, rough and a dictator, represents savagery
shy, sensitive, cares for and is kind to the younger boys (a bigun), no affected by the need of society and is more focused on nature, represents the natural good
Jack's sidekick, cruel to the littluns, pushes boulder to Piggy's death
Sam and Eric:
twins who chose Ralph's side, often called "Samneric", eventually are persuaded onto Jacks side
Conch Shell:
used to assemble the boys together after the crash. Represents who gets to speak at a time and order (democratic power)
Signal Fire:
used to attract ships or planes in hope of rescuing the boys, the boys connection to civilization, as the story progresses they begin to tend to it and make sure it burns strong
imaginary form of savagery that inflicts fear upon some of the boys, as the boys grow more savage, belief of the beast grows, looked upon as a God
Piggy's Glasses:
power of science and society, used to start the fires, later stolen by the hunters leaving Ralph's group without the power to start a fire
Lord of the Flies:
the sow's head left on a stake in the forest as an offering to the beast, Simon's hallucination tells him that he cannot escape him, that the Lord lives within all humans. Evil lies within every human
Book Review
I would recommend this book and persuade someone to read it at least once in their lifetime. I feel it is a necessity because I believe most of the events are very realistic and well thought out. Such as the killing of the sow, formation of a leader and a society and the boys appearances slowly altering into savages much like their thoughts and mindsets. The reader discovers how easily lack of civilization and adults brings out the evil in the boys as they have disputes. Most definitely the jealousy between Ralph and Jack is realistic because there would always be someone jealous of someone else's authority. I thought the novel was very interesting and made a lot of sense to see the turning points, and the way the boys governed themselves. I would only change the offering to the beast because i found that scene strange and random.
After the killing of the sow by Jack and the hunters, they decide to leave the head as an offering to the beast. So they grab a stake and push the head through and shove in the ground deep in the forest. In the story, Simon wanders off into the forest to relax with the nature and watch the scenery when he finds the head with flies swarming around it. He hallucinates the head starting to speak to him telling him there's evil in every human being and that Simon cannot escape him. Good vs. evil is one of the main issues in the novel trying to see the difference between the good in the boys vs their cruelty beginning to arrive. Simon begins to look up at the sows head as a godly figure summarizing the main idea of what the story is trying to portray.
What issues are being shown in the novel?
"There was something dark...fumbling along....The creature was a party of boys, marching approximately in...two parallel lines...." pg. 18
Good vs. Evil
"Piggy was...so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society, that he helped to fetch wood." pg. 118
''This head is for the beast. It's a gift." pg. 124

''Maybe there is a beast....maybe it's only us.'' pg. 80
Jack calling out Ralph on his weaknesses of being a leader was a strong turning point in the story. Jack invited anyone who felt the same way to join him as the hunters where he immediately made himself leader. Also when the conch gets broken is when order becomes nonexistent on the island and brutality comes into hand with the killing of Piggy, Simon and almost killing Roger.
Whats the main Character like?
In my alternate ending, all the littluns that weren't part of Jack's hunting group or that were forced to join because of fear, get rescued along with Ralph by the soldier who ends up being Ralph’s dad. Jack and his evil clan get left behind on the island as a punishment for all of the commotion that they each started and the boys that they killed. Once all the little boys are back to civilization, they all go back to their homes where a long term of therapy will be awaiting them. Ralph tells his father about all the things that happened in the island, including the death of Simon and his best friend Piggy. Ralph tells his dad that he wants to go in search of Piggy's aunt so that they can explain to her what happened to her nephew and the struggles that the boys went through.
Alternate ending
athletic protagonist of the story
represents order, civilization and leadership over the other boys
has strong leadership and influence at the beginning of the story
goal is to strengthen the boys and increase their chances of being rescued
12 year old fair haired boy
uses the conch to get the boys attention during meetings
later in the story, his position decreases while Jack's increases
still left with Simon and Piggy as main biguns
points out how barbaric the hunters have become
nearly did not survive
I decided to write this alternate ending to envision how I would alter the story if I was the author behind the novel. I believe it is a very possible and realistic ending. I chose to allow the boys who were forced into Jack’s dictatorship to have to chance to live on and leave the island because most of them were littluns and were only looking for the best way to survive; Jack had meat to eat and spheres to protect themselves with. While the boys who chose to be with Jack and cause harm to the other boys such as Roger for killing Piggy and the other boys who mistakenly killed Simon deserve to be left on the island. There savaged minds were simply too destructed that moving back into civilization wont do them any good. I like the thought of the soldier being Ralph’s father because it brings love and care back into the story verses the soldier being a random man, his father can comfort him more.
It’s necessary for Ralph to get some comfort since he knew deep down that he was about die and give up life on the island. Jack and the hunters had killed everyone else on Ralph’s side so Ralph was the last one to kill. While being on the island turning to a dangerous, and lifechanging movement that some of the boys are terrified and simply need help. Therefore therapy would be needed once they got home. Since Ralph was great friends with Piggy and he was always there for Ralph and at his lowest, he would feel as though he owed to Piggy since he died without mercy, to tell his aunt what happened to him. I feel like this what real friendship is about and Ralph’s conscious would eat away at him until Piggy was left in good hands and his soul could run free.

Taylor James
thank you for listening!
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