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Personal Project

Creating a model of a 'greener' UNIS

Hannah Schulze

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Project

Personal Project My Goal To raise awareness of global warming and to show how schools could be more environmentally friendly aware by creating a model of a 'greener' school. What helped/ made me decide to do this project? Global warming, pollution etc. are current issues
I wanted to know more about living 'green'
I'm interested in the topic
I wanted to pick something with which I can gain useful knowledge that can be applied in actual everyday life
What was the most surprising thing I learned? Everything makes a difference. Every little change you make in your everyday routines, has an impact on the environment. What part of the project did I dislike the most? The constant thought of it in the back of the mind after you finished your homework. There was always more to do. What would I do differently? I would spend more time actually building the model. How did this prepare me for the futur? It is the first time I have done a project over such a long period of time. Therefore, it definetly taught me a lesson on time planning. What was my greatest obstacle and my greatest satisfaction? My greatest obstacle was most likely choosing and deciding on what I want my product to be. Since there are an infinite number of project you could do, it was very hard for me to narrow down my choices at the beginning. Once I chose, I stuck to the idea. What did I learn about the subject? I learned a great variety of things, as the information presented on the poster. That is only a small part though compared to what I learned when I did my research.
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