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Final Sales C104

No description

Laurie Sites

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Final Sales C104

Burnt Toast?? Magimix ThermaVision Toaster Cold Center?? 40 Years Culinary Innovation
Make our Consumers lives easier
Fits into our customer's lifestyle Key Features Sleek Design
Simple Controls
Incredible Efficiency Action Plan Goal: Get our products in Crate and Barrel stores so that both of our companies and our customers can reap the benefits.

5 Year Contract Cost of Production: $100
Wholesale Price: $200
Projected In Store Price: $300

Profit per Unit Sold: $100 Key Takeaways Similar Mission Statements
Our product aligns with your vision
Crate and Barrel will have exclusive rights
Increase Sales
Our product will satisfy customers desires "People can't rely on their toasters to toast right every time, so they're constantly peeking down the slots, lifting and flipping every slice around, or adjusting the browness selector knob to achieve the results they want" -Paula Etchison "The French Revolution of the 20th Century" Product Design "Find functional modern designs that enhance everyday life"
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