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Battle of Gaugamela


Chloe Beaumont

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Gaugamela

Battle of Gaugamela Pre-Present-Post Battle of Gaugamela Pre Battle of Gaugamela Post Battle of Gaugamela The Macedonians kings still had a vendetta against Persia from the Greco-Persian war that occurred over a centaury ago. Where the Achaemenid Empire had annexed and vanquished the Greeks. The first confrontation between Alexander and Darius occurred at the Battle of Issus (333BCE). Where Alexander’s army surrounded and immobilized the Persian army. The Persians suffered great losses and retreated; Greeks sources accuse Darius of being pusillanimity. During the next 2 years Darius enlisted a substantial amount of men and trained them as infantry soldiers. He also enlisted mercenaries from both Greece and India; the Indian mercenaries also brought 15 war elephants. The exact number of troops in the Persian army is unknown but it is estimated from 50 000 to 1 million. While Darius was enlisting and training troops, Alexander occupied most of the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The Greek and Alexander had made their way through Babylon to attack Persia. Night before the battle...Alexander’s key generals proposed a sneak attack at night to conquer the numerically superior Persian forces. Alexander dismissed this idea stating that he would not cheat his victory. Word spread to King Darius that Alexander was staging a night attack, so he kept his troops awake and alert all night whilst Alexander’s troops slept. This gave Alexander’s troops an advantage in terms of stamina. The day of the Battle of Gaugamela...Darius was the first at the scene of the battle scape of his choice, a flat large plain enabling him to deploy his vast amount of troops. During the middle of the battle Alexander held of Persian cavalry, who were attacking the flanks, while he led a charge of Macedonian cavalry into the center of the Persian infantry. With this attack, he took out Greek mercenaries and Darius’ royal guard causing him to flee from the battle. Was there an reasons why the Persians would have a vendetta aginst the Greeks?
Who brought the War elephants to the battle?
Where was Alexander's and Darius's first encounter?
What happened the night before the battle of Gaugamela?
How did Alexander’s decisive attack cause Darius to flee?
Who murdered king Darius?
Who was Bessus arrested by? Questions Alexander and his cavalry division chased after Darius and the small amount of his army that was left however failed to capture him. Persian governor, Bessus murdered Darius soon after battle. Once Alexander discovered this he was saddened his respected enemy was killed in this manor, and gave him a full burial ceremony. The murder of king Darius is widely considered the fall of the Persian Empire. In 330 B.C.E Bessus summoned forces in Ecbatana. Alexander approached the city however Bessus was arrested and handed to Alexander by his own people to save the city from destruction Thank you for watching Vincencho's presentation, we hope you enjoyed it. Estimated Battle Statistics Macedonian armyInfantry: 43,000
Cavalry: 7000
Macedonian losses: 500
Persian army
Infantry: 200,000 - 1,000,000
Cavalry: 40,000 - 200,000
Persian losses: 50,000 - 300,00
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