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Darren Nicholls

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Beatles
My first music that was not owned by my parents My first album was Beatles for Sale My mum bought me an album every month from Coles.
It cost her $4.00, which was a lot of money to her. My life through music A musical journey
by Darren Nicholls Led Zeppelin - "DA..DA..In the days of my youth......" - What was that??? - Led Zeppelin 1 was now my independence Whitesnake - my first band that I was truly associated with - I played and played and played this band over and over and over again - I like the new direction in 1987, but secretly
still loved the 'Ready and Willing' era Guns and Roses - the best debut album EVER!! I was fascinated with the video of 'Sweet
Child o' Mine" I was just 10 years old I had just turned 15 I was sixteen years old I was 18 and just started working So what do I listen to today Gary Moore - a rock/blues guitarist
- might nearly be my favorite Deep Purple
- Ian Gillan's voice is amazing The Who
- love Daltrey!! Bon Jovi
- how can someone get BETTER
looking as he gets older?? Aerosmith
- the perfect frontman along with
the coolest guitarist Iron Maiden
- I should of listened to them
25 years ago!! Van Halen
- Dave or Sammy?? Tom Jones
- Yes, THAT Tom Jones!!!! Today
- Am I too old to listen to music?
- I don't think so. In fact. I am listening to louder and louder stuff all the time. Age doesn't mean I have to stop doing things I love!!
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