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I Am Princess X

No description

Samboni Robinson

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of I Am Princess X

I Am Princess X
BY: Cherie Priest

I Chose this book because I like realistic fiction books with a mystery twist. I also like the cliff hangers.
This book takes place in a present time city.
MAY: May is a girl with the talent of writing and she wears plain clothes. She liked having Libby, her best friend, by her side until...........
LIBBY: Libby is a girl that loves drawing and wears clothes like she was a Forever 21 model until.......... she, or what people thought happened, was that she........... "died"
PATRICK or TRICK: Trick is a boy who helps May with her lap top and ends up being her side-kick, helping her find Libby.
In the book, I Am Princes X, by Cherie Priest, two young girls, Libby and May, become best friends and make comics together called I Am Princess X. One day Libby got in a car wreck with her mom and died, and Princess X went with her. Three years later May starts to see things like stickers or graffiti that looks identical to Princess X. May goes on a mission to find her when she realizes she is alive and meets Trick to help her find Libby.
I recommend this book to mystery lovers, Bella and Ava.

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