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Test Taking Strategy

Melissa Greene

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of PIRATES


PREPARE to succeed using PASS
Put your name and PIRATES on the test.
Allot time and order for sections
Say affirmations
Start within 2 minutes R Read, Remember and Reduce 3R's
Read the whole question
Remember what you studied
Reduce the choices A Answer or abandon
Answer the question or
abandon the question for the moment I Inspect the instructions using RUN
Read instructions carefully
Underline what to do and where to respond
Notice special requirements How to pass the test! PIRATES T Turn back
Turn back to the abandoned
questions and use the
ACE technique. E Estimate your answers using ACE
Avoid absolutes
Choose the longest or most detailed choice
Eliminate similar choices S Survey
Survey to ensure all questions are answered
Switch an answer only if you’re sure
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