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The Republic of Poland

No description

Olivia Allred

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The Republic of Poland

The Republic of Poland
When greeting someone a good handshake, direct eye contact, a smile and the appropriate greeting for that time of day will suffice.
Do not use first names until invited to. Moving from the use of formal to the informal names is such an important step that there is a ritual to acknowledge the changed status and your inclusion in their ‘inner circle’.
Be punctual.
Poles are known for being direct communicators, i.e. they say what they are thinking.
Small talk is the norm at the start of meetings; do not rush proceedings as this is part of the relationship building process.
Polish flag
(not to be confused with the flags of Indonesia or Monaco)
Two family house
Polish folk music
(ex> Klezmer & Polka)
Politics and Public Relations
Typically public relations professionals are women mid 30's
85 % are natives
500 agencies
Failure on the part of Burson Marsteller in Poland due to lack of adherence to requirements of the economy and society
Public Relations and the Economy
Originally underdeveloped, Poland selected the European social market economy model, similar to Germany's
The current role of public relations is to promote a liberal economic doctrine in order to shape the public opinion.
excessive state interference
need to replace ideology
privatization as a key to success
increase foreign capital investments
Public Relations and Culture
Poland is situated between two superpowers, Russia and Germany- constant threat to identity
Due to Poland's rocky history with the government:
Poles are reluctant to support the government
lacks trust in its capacity to make a difference through democratic elections
Family and the church are unusually important in Poland (practical for support during times of insecurity in the government)
General info
Language: 97.8% Polish
Religion: Roman Catholic
Capital city: Warsaw (1.71 mil)
16 provinces
Warsaw & Krakow
Government: Republic
Currency: Polish Zloty
National Anthem: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/anthems/PL.mp3

Works Cited
The Global Public Relations Handbook
Public Relations in Poland
Evolving from a communist state to a democracy, created a need for public relations
1993 Saatchi & Saatchi was totally unprepared to represent the Liberal Democratic party-- this led to distrust of public relations
over used American models (street parades)
Majority of public relations tasks in Poland involve media relations
Professionals are found at all levels of Polish administration
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