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General Election

By Nadia Younis

Nadia Younis

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of General Election

General Election 2010 By Nadia Younis How does the PM get elected? Winning party is the one with the most seats and not the one with most votes.

When PM calls an election, parliament must be formally dissolved.

The MPs of each constituency is selected by the public.

The party with the most MPs has the most seats and wins the election. Red Mr Brown Leader of Labour.

Currently in third position according to online polls.

Labour has helped the country.

Improved public services.

Introduced a minimum wage.

However, could have done more considering they have been in power for 13 years. Conservative Cameron Leader of the blue party.

Winning online polls.

Similar policies to Labour.

Thought about what benefits individuals as well as what benefits the country as a whole.

Have plans to build a high speed rail line connecting major cities in the UK. Nick Clegg Leader of Liberal Democrats.

Most unique major political party.

Believes university education should be free.

The Lib Dems have never been in power and I believe that it is time Britain had someone new in power. Political Spectrum Thank you very much for listening
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