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Kevin Lim

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of QM

Organization will have a well-thought- out means of communication employees and all other stakeholders to keep them apprised of changes taking place and what they will mean to everyone
As a conclusion, the company that applying this strategy will gain the benefits from the two models and attain the competitive advantages in the industry By adopting this strategy, the organization will be engaged in both total quality management implementation and an ISO 9000 preparation.
ISO 9000 will be benefited from TQM preparation phase by having the following components:-
executive –level steering committee
a vision with the attendant guiding principles
a set of broad objectives
Baselines on employee and customer satisfaction
Organization’s strengths and weaknesses, etc 3. Process approach Recognize that things accomplished are the results of processes and the processes along with related activities and resources must be managed to achieve a desired result.
3. You have heard both sets of arguments, and you believe there might be a third approach that could satisfy both factions. What would you propose? both faction brings their own benefits prespectively
TQM and ISO 9000 should be implemented together as both model are compatible
Since Reliance Control Systems has never implement any model before, it is a good strategy to register to the ISO 9000 standard first as ISO 9000 is considered as a subset of TQM and it can pursued as the entry projects for implementing TQM Presented by:
Kelvin Lau Chon Keat I09004250 ISO 9000 or TQM: Which Will It Be? 1. Vice president of operations propose to implement Total Quality Management 2. Manufacturing vice president and the director of quality assurance wish to apply ISO 9000:2000 Reliance Control System is a manufacturer of control systems for the election power generation and distribution industry
The company wishes to improve the company’s competitive posture
Two factions have developed as the followings:- Introduction to Total Quality Management
Is both a philosophy and a set of principles that represents the foundation of a continuously improving organization (Calingo, 1995).
Involves people in the organization and extends to suppliers as well as customers
Doing business that attempts to maximize the competitiveness of an organization 1. Assume that you are siding with the VP of operations, and list the arguments for implementing TQM. 1. Encompasses every aspect of the organization
TQM involves in every function (e.g. human resources, finance, and marketing) instead of concerned only with quality management systems

2. Strategically based
Responsible for establishing the organization’s vision, forming the guiding principles, and setting strategy and tactics for achieving those goals instead of improving the quality management system 3. Prevention
Emphasis on prevention instead on inspection.
4. Employee Involvement and Empowerment
Involving and empowering employees or giving them the right to voice out is fundamental to total quality Introduction to ISO 9000
Is a set of international standards which was created in 1987 with the objective of standardizing quality systems
Is a family of standards and guidelines related to the quality management system (QMS)
It sets the requirements for the assurance of quality and for management’s involvement 2. Now assume that you are with the heads of manufacturing and quality assurance. List the arguments for ISO 9000. 1. Customer focus
Able to meet customers requirements and strive to exceed their expectation by following the operating principle of ISO 9000 which is the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to satisfy the customers
However, it requires the application of a set of procedures focused on the fulfillment of design specification

2. Continual Improvement
Should be a permanent objective applied to the organization and to it’s people, process, systems, and products
Force companies to apply excessive controls on intermediate and final products 4. Marketing Advantages ISO 9000 certified the products or services of a particular company as world class standard
The purchasing behavior of potential customers will be influenced by ISO 9000 as it satisfy the international standard. About the case: Q & A THE END!
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