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Sydney Waller

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Night

Meaning of Quote
Connection 3: Movies
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In Holocaust movies, we always see people who starve themselves the play the part of holocaust victims, and I think that to forget their memory and their suffering would in fact, be killing them a second time.
This quote is about us not forgetting the tragedies the people endured in the concentration camp, and the importance of not forgetting the victims of the Holocaust.
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This quote is connected to the death camps directly, because in the quote it says, "To forget the dead would be killing them a second time." And, it is talking about forgetting the people who died in the death camps, and we can't forget their suffering.
"Auschwitz", nobody had ever heard that name before.
Connection 1: Other readings
I made a connection to the quote in my other readings, like in history when we are told that we learn about past mistakes so we know not to do that thing in the future.
"To forget the dead would be killing them a second time."
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An Actual Account of the Holocaust
The Gate at Auschwitz

Connection 2: Other readings
Meaning of Quote

This quote to me means that now we know all about what happened at Auschwitz, but back then it was the beginning of all the pain and suffering.
Connection 1: The Nuremberg Trials
In the Nuremberg Trials, when the POW's were watching the films of the camps for the first time.
Connection 2: Personal life

Whenever I think of Auschwitz , I automatically think of death camps, and it is weird to think that before the death camps, Auschwitz was just a town.
Connection 3: Not knowing where you are going.

I can relate to not knowing where you are going, whenever we take a road trip or something I never know where I am going. And I imagine that for the Holocaust victims it would be terrible, suffering all this pain and being unsure of how to handle it, and where you will be tortured next.
Smoke that emanates from the furnaces into which his little sister and mother had been thrown after thousands of other victims.
Meaning of quote
This quote tells us about the people being thrown into the furnaces, and how many people fell victim to this horrible death.
Connection 1: Holocaust Museum

In the Holocaust Museum, you can see things like shoes of all the children who died in the Holocaust. This quote, which says that his mother and sister were thrown in the furnaces after thousands of other victims, is kind of like that, it puts into perspective how many people died. And, not just a number to think about, but that these were once living breathing people who had families and homes.
Connection 2: Death

We all have to deal with death in our lives, but, having known that both your mother and sister would have died such a horrible death would have been unbearable.
Connection 3: Feeling Alone
If my mother and sister were taken from me I would feel very alone, and I am sure that is how Elie felt when he knew the fate that his mother and Tizpora had suffered.
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