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Rome Project

No description

Ethan Williams

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Rome Project

Welcome to my presentation about the Roman Military, Wars, and Weapons!
The Romans used many weapons, usually made of bronze. They were very sharp. The Romans also used shields to block people's swords. They usually wore golden helmets and they had fur on top of them.
The military for Rome was very strong, and they had a lot of discipline. There was also a military leader, who lead everyone into battle.
The 3rd Punic war
We aren't starting with the 1st or 2nd Punic war because they aren't merely as big as this war. It was lead by Scipio the Younger. He was younger. The Punic wars were a series of 3 wars that were fought.
Thanks for watching!
The Roman Wars were very interesting. The weapons they used were even cooler, and they were very strong. Their military was stronger than anyone's.
The Romans had many wars. They were long and hard, and the Romans won most of them.
Rome Project By: Ethan Williams
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for watching


Made By Ethan Williams Hour 1
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