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Howard Battersby

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of cars

Future and past
Trevor Ridgewell

Cars have changed a lot like the speed limits from 1865 to 2013 from the models to the streamed line shapes . The fastest car back in the day was 6mph and today the fastest car goes 295mph.
How the car industries have developed !
The cars have developed a lot since 1865 they are more majestic and have more light weight materials and wider tires e.t.c. People have also made a lot more slimmer and the engine ha changed from petrol/diesel to electric.
Future cars!
To the records in 2035 the first flying car will be designed and created due to the technology today.
The cars that was popular in the 1900's !
The more popular car in the 1900s was the Angelfire and it has the majestic shape that inspired the people who make cars today.
The popular car today!
The popular cars today are Ferrari , Lamborghini , Vauxhall and Ford. The most favorite ones are the muscle cars.
How cars have changed!
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