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Costs and Benefits: Westward Expansion

No description

Danny Cristales

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Costs and Benefits: Westward Expansion

Costs: Negative Impact
- Dangerous working conditions
- Attacks from Indians
- During winter, threat of frostbite and avalanches
- Racism

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Escape discrimination and poverty
- Plenty of job opportunities
- Those who survive, have money
to live on
Railroad Workers
Costs: Negative Impact
- Technology allowed surplus of crops, but selling prices fall
- Debt increases
- High rates from railroad owners to ship crops

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Organize for first time and find political voice
- Interstate Commerce Act forced rates to decrease
- Awareness to their struggle
Costs: Negative Impact
- Challenges building rail line: financial shortages, conflicts with Indian tribes, and rough terrain.
- Dangerous conditions slow down workers.

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Pacific Railway Act gave land and loans to use for profit.
- Sold land to settlers
- Settlers pay high rates to ship crops
Railroad Owners
Costs: Negative Impact
- Settlers pushed them off their land.
- Their buffalo are being killed.
- U.S. soldier attack them
- Forced onto reservations
- Died from disease and poverty

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Some have survived and become miners and farmers.
American Indians
Costs: Negative Impact
- Still faced widespread racism and discrimination
- White townspeople drove black migrants away

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Opportunities in mining, ranching.
- Also soldiers, cooks, teachers and nurses.
- Own land and farm
- Formed new all-black communities
African Americans
Costs and Benefits: Westward Expansion
Costs: Negative Impact
- Difficult and dangerous work
- Horrible working conditions
- Few miners made it rich

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Learning the skill of mining is easy
- Plenty of opportunity for work
- Some made a lot of money
- The Comstock Lode brought $300 million in gold and silver
Ranchers and Cowboys
Costs: Negative Impact
- Being a cowboy is difficult and hazardous
- Threats of stampedes and Indian attacks
- Sleep outside
- Cattle die of disease

Benefits: Positive Impact
- Plenty of cattle to herd
- Plenty of grass for the cattle
- Growing populations in the East increased need for beef
- More job opportunities
- Railroad makes shipping easy
Beginning of Class
Please take out the following materials:
1.) Reading Book
2.) Notebook, Pen or Pencil
3.) Cost and Benefit notes

Begin Silent Reading: 20 minutes
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