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Bud Vol.9 Unit 3

No description

NewWick Korea

on 17 October 2018

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Transcript of Bud Vol.9 Unit 3

Warm up Song
Point and say!
Let's play!
Wrap up Song
Open your book!
Do it yourself!
(pp. 28-31)
Day 1
Warm up Song
Let's play!
Wrap up Song
Point and say!
Open your book!
Do it yourself!
(pp. 32-35)
Day 2
Warm up Song
Point and say!
Let's play!
Wrap up Song
Open your book!
Do it yourself!
(pp. 36-39)
Day 3

Hi, children. This is Brazil. Enjoy your trip to Brazil.
This is the flag of Brazil. What can you find in the flag? Rectangle, diamond, circle, yellow, green, and purple color. Right? Great!
This is a carnival mask. What shapes can you see on the mask? Heart, circle, triangle, and hexagon.
This is Toucan which is famous in Brazil. Look at its beak. It's very wide not narrow.
Do you know that Brazil is famous for Soccer? This is a soccer field in Brazil. It's very wide.
Let the wide beak bird go to the wide cage and narrow beak bird go to narrow cage.
What is it? Yes, It's a carnival mask. What shapes can you see? What are missing? Can you find the shape stickers and put them in the right places?
Look, they are soccer players. They need numbers. How many soccer players can you see? Let's count them and write the numbers 1-5 on their backs.
Let's watch the video about Brazil.
Let's watch the video about Australia.
Welcome to Australia. You can see many unique animals in nature.
This is the flag of Australia. What shapes and colors do you see? Red, blue, white, cross, and stars.
These are the animals that you can see only in Australia. Koala is a very
animal and kangaroo is a very
This is the Opera House which is in Sydney is very famous all over the world.
This is Uluru which is a huge sandstone rock. It changes its color over time.
Let's complete the Opera House by connecting letters n-z.
Koala and Kangaroo are racing. Who is fast? Let's find the winner badge sticker and put it to the fast animal.
Uluru changes its color over time. Watch the video first and color the Uluru in your favorite color.
This boy is wearing Korean traditional clothing, Hanbok. Look! His sleeve doesn't have any color. Let's color the sleeve in
, and
This is Bibimbap. What's in the middle of the food? Yes, an egg. What shape is it?
Great! Can you find the egg sticker and put it in the right place?
Let's go to Jeju Island. How can we go there? by bus? by car? by plane? Let's find out!
Hello, friends! This is your final destination, Korea! Enjoy your trip.
This is the flag of Korea. What do you see? Circle, rectangles, white, red, black and blue color.
This is Gyeongbokgung Palace which is located in Seoul. It is one of the most beautiful places in Korea.
This is Bibimbap. Most Korean people love it. Can you see the egg in the middle? It is shaped
. Right?
These are Korean national flowers, Rose of Sharon.
What color are they?
! They are pretty flowers, aren't they?
Let's watch 'Pororo's Adventure to Korea'.
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